Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Garden Harvest

I just went out to cut a new bouquet of Dahlias and found 3 zucchini. We've also been bringing in vine ripened tomatoes. Dayle just got home from his 2nd day of iodine radiation treatment while I was outside so I suggested he take one into the trailer and cook it up in some butter for part of his dinner.  He is having to take a bunch of pills for his treatment today and tomorrow will be the last one.  So far he's doing okay with it, just being tired.  We miss him!

The AQI (Air Quality Index) is getting worse - Portland is between 300 and even over 400.  We're at 375!!!  Our air is considered hazardous.  We are all trying to stay inside to protect our lungs.

This is what the air looks like out by the Dahlias.  :-(

I captured this honey bee on our funny little daisy shaped dahlia.

I love this one, I wonder how long they will continue to bloom?

The center of this is neat.

Something has been feasting on this one.

This is one of the biggest.

Big feathery one.

I love the magenta pink of this one.

Another of this variety.

Heading back with my flowers and zucchini, I snapped a photo of my pale colored Lantana.

I'm enjoying the geraniums but know that it won't be long until Dayle moves them to the basement landing to get wintered over until next Spring.

This beautiful geranium will be wintered over too.  I'm in love with the pretty leaves.

My prize, the Dahlia bouquet and a photo bomber.

Kristi cut up one of her peaches for me and put a bit of squirty cream on it.  YUM!

Now Kristi is making chicken quesadillas for dinner.  :-) My sweet granddaughter Paige Facetime called me today and we had a nice chat.  The boys are doing online school here while they stay here.  Caleb set up a classroom in the attic for himself.  I'm trying to get excited about working on my purple shawl... :-)

Thanks for visiting and the nice comments!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. It's good to get an update on you and your family, Teresa. I'm so glad Dayle is able to take his treatments in spite of the conditions in your area. Your dahlias are exquisite. I know they must be a bright addition to your days. Stay safe and well.

  2. The dahlias are so pretty. There are a couple that are my favorites, purple and the pink/white one. Our air is about that think as your photo out by dahlias. I was outside watering my plants as some were getting dry leaves, potted ones. I actually saw some clouds close to the sun. More further away. Looking overhead, almost blue sky. I had some trouble breathing once indoors. Need to use my inhaler. Made taco salad with tomatoes and onions and already cooked hamburger with tomato sauce and spices....ones I froze, with homemade biscuits from freezer. YUM! I'm glad that Dayle is nearly over his radiation pills. Praying it helps him feel much better soon. I am sure you miss him. I miss Megan being here but I know she is having a good time living with a friend. We call once a week to talk. I like the quieter house, at times. Background music helps most days. I am a music lover!! Take care and hopefully you sleep well! Hugs! {==}

  3. Thanks for sharing the the beautiful flower photos...a joy to see during these anxious smoky days. I am glad Dayle is doing well with his treatments and that they are almost complete. I watered the patio plants this morning, the first time in days and I was rewarded by finding a little purple Clematis bloom hidden among the Morning Glory heart-shaped leaves. May the Lord bless and comfort you and yours dear Teresa, my friend. Love and ((hugs))

  4. You have some gorgeous dahlias Teresa. My favorite is that first pink one. The intricate honeycomb like petals intrigue me. They are so pretty and delicate.
    Our AQI was 499 on Sunday and Monday. It was awful but today we dipped down to 356 and it was wonderful. I actually went outside without a mask for a few minutes. Not long though. I get headaches and itchy eyes and runny nose if I stay out too long.
    I'm glad Dayle is doing okay and I am anxiously awaiting the news that the treatment is done and he's back inside with the family that loves him. (Especially Mocha!)
    I'm praying for all of those around you who are besieged by the fires. We're expecting a little rain Friday night. The first since June 1. We need it so badly.
    Blessings and love,

  5. I'm glad that Dayle is able to have his treatment and I hope the last session goes well and that he is able to be in the home with you all again very soon. Sorry to see how bad the fires still are. I hope there is some rain before too long. Your dahlias are absolutely amazing, you've made me decide to grow more next year, they're such beautiful flowers and it's lovely that they go on blooming late into the summer and early autumn. I hope you have a good day. CJ xx

  6. Sending you a hug. Hopefully Dayle will be back with you soon, it must be hard. The dahlias are stunning and the peach looked so tasty.

  7. teresa,
    do you prune your geraniums before you take them in for winter? i have two geraniums that i am going to take in this winter. i haven't done it before.
    peace and love during this horrible year,
    melissa in pdx

    1. He just deadheads the spent flowers off and puts them as is down in our basement and doesn’t water them all winter, then in Spring after the threat of frost is over he puts them back out, pinches off all the dead leaves and branches, waters them well and they grow back. Pretty amazing! He’s had these going for 10 years or more.

      I hope that helps.

  8. Good to hear Dayle's treatment is almost over. You'll all be relieved when it's over. I hope the fires are soon under control, scary times for everyone. Beautiful dahlias and those geranium leaves are gorgeous. xx

  9. Lovely flowers and awesome pics. Praying for everyone out that way that the fires will be stopped and the air quality will return to normal. Sending out a prayer for Mr. Dayle, too. I look forward to seeing more of your purple shawl. Wishing you a most lovely day. : )

  10. Your flowers are so beautiful. They always brighten up my day. We've got smoke haze now too on the east coast. It's not nearly as bad as yours but our blue sky is pretty gray. Luckily they say it is so high up that it is not affecting our air quality. Araignee

  11. You definitely have lovely flowers. I winterized geraniums one time and they did pretty good the next year. Poor Dayle, but it is good he is close staying in your mobile home and not stuck farther away in the hospital. I am a bee lover. There has been a crop duster coming around these past couple years. I hate that. Use to be when I was a kid and you went bare foot in the yard you could be certain you’d get stung, but now I see so few bees when I mow grass. I don’t use weed & feed either. I leave the dandelions in my yard. Hope you get some rain. God sure knows you need it.

  12. Oh dear. You must stay in and away from that smoke. Thanks for th wonderful photos. Someone who reads my blog, left a emergency instructions for your pets during smoke, fires and disasters. You can just look it up on University of Illinois Vet School. You probably know the drill, but just in case. Love to ALl. Love to the glowing man!

  13. So horrible with the air quality Teresa keep safe. FLOWERS can brighten all of our days currently. Y
    Yum peaches and care to Dayle xoxo

  14. Your Dahlias are all so beautiful. Interesting that there are so many different varieties. So horrible that your air quality is still horrible. Do take care. That peach looks delicious!

  15. Teresa, I am trying to catch up with everyone and am reading that Dayle is in treatments. I hope everything continues to go well. Stay inside! We have friends on the west coast and we worry about them at this time. Air quality is nothing to mess with. Stay well and thanks for linking up.


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