Friday, September 25, 2020

🍁 🌧 Stormy Weather 🌧 πŸ‚

🍁🍁🍁 We are having a wonderful, rainy, windy storm here and I'm loving it.  It's helping dampen the fires that still burn, cleansing the air and behaving like a real Autumn.  I just stepped out on the deck and took a few photos such as this one with the windmill spinning like crazy but you can't see that.. lol.

🍁 You also cannot tell from the photo but the rain is falling and the trees and bushes are waving about in the wind.

🍁 When the blue heron murdered and ate our two Comet pond goldfish I thought.. hmm.. what could we do to protect them?  And I thought about the old window screens that were in the windows when we had new ones installed.  I told Dayle my idea and he went out to the barn and found a stack of them.. this is our solution for the time being.  The evil blue heron has been spotted several times by the pond trying to kill and eat our beloved koi.  Dayle is also thinking of a better solution.

🍁 I tried to get a photo of the Hawthorn trees on the top of the hill of the pasture behind our house - it's covered with red berries right now.  I could get a better photo up closer but this is what I could get with the zoom on my big Lumix.

🍁 I would like a big bouquet of these on my Autumn table.

I was going through my big thick family photo album and got a kick out of this photo of me when I was a toddler. Look at the little rollers in my hair, mom loved fiddling with our hair. I wish I knew the name of this dog!

I also came across this photo of the 1st big barn that Dayle designed and built at our other house on 365th in Corbett before we moved here.  Isn't it pretty?  My pottery studio was up in the loft by the 2 tall windows he got from a dismantled church.

I also found the one and only photo of me throwing pottery in my studio.  See the little round pot in the top right of the photo?  That's my little 3 legged pot I showed you recently before the final firing.

I put out my little hand-made scarecrow I made years ago.  I decided it needed a "skeleton" so I took some aluminum foil and twisted it into "bones" for the head, spine, body, arms and legs.  Then (my sister made one at the same time) we sewed the clothes and added patches on and ripped a scarf and used a circle of red flannel for the hat, muslin for the head, hands and feet, stuffed it all and tied it all on with raffia "hay".  :-)

He's my buddy.

Dayle moved back into the house yesterday and brought me in a rose.  Sweet!  Caleb helped him carry everything back in.  It was nice to have him back home.

And today he walked the dog and brought a fresh bouquet of Dahlias for me!  This is one side of them...


And the other side.  The pellet stove is burning and it's cozy in here.


🍁 Well.. that's it for now.. I hope you are enjoyed the season wherever you are on this spinning blue orb we share!  How about a weather report and location from those very special readers who leave comments?  :-) πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) πŸ 


  1. Hello Teresa,
    So many beautiful memories - loving life.
    Here in Florida the weather is hot and with two months left of hurricane season, we are keeping our fingers crossed in sunny Florida.
    The cicadas are chirping and the neighborhood sandhill cranes are flying over to sleep for the evening. We look forward to October, for it brings cooler weather - putting us all in a good mood for the coming holidays.

  2. Hi Teresa. Love the old photos. That barn is gorgeous! The dahlias stunning.
    So glad Dayle is back in with you.
    I'm in the UK, in West Midlands. The weather has been varied, storms in parts of UK. Where we are it has been sunny. Quite windy and cold.
    I don't mind, I like different types of weather and do love Autumn. Take care and stay safe and well. Anne x

  3. Lovely rain & flowers! Cool & sunny here in San Diego, by the beach. Would really really love some rain thoughπŸ™

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! Nice to have Dayle back home... I'm sure he's glad to be back. The barn he built is beautiful I love the church windows. I'll bet that was aa beautiful studio loft.

  5. What a wonderful trip down memory lane!! I love the photo of you with the wheel. I was an art major in college and the pottery barn-literally, was my favorite place on earth. I spent a summer in heaven covered in clay earning my 3 credits. Araignee

  6. I’m in San Diego by the beach. It’s been a beautiful & fall like but supposed to be terribly hot next week & NO rain ☹️
    Love your flowers!!

  7. Hi Teresa! Glad Dayle is in the hOUSE! I was told by Pixie on insta that she shared the photo but has no green for sale. Many people also commented their disappointment. I'll send you it though.
    Weather Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Near Southern border . Just north of Illinois border.
    Amazingly beautiful all week. 70s sunny and barely a cloud in the sky. Paddle boarded 3 times and will go again tomorrow . We are expecting a very chilly shift on Sunday. Must get more time in before water temps fall. It has been so good to paddle since we cannot go to the barn

  8. It has been windy and rainy here today as well. Chilly day equals wearing a sweatshirt with a tshirt underneath. I did some cleaning in office while watching an online The Return show via internet.CBN. It was so good to watch. I am so glad Dayle is back home with you in the house you both enjoy being in! Your dahlias are so pretty! I hope you get the koi pond screened in and egret doesn't eat any of them at all. Sad!!! I enjoy your old photos. I have been finding older photos too. One of my dear friend, Laura, 2011 when she was on a camel in Israel. Sad she's been gone for 3 years now but am so thankful to have known her throughout our lives. Have a good weekend, stay dry and warm!!! virtual hugs!!! {------}

  9. It is real hard to get a spinning and raining pic lol A raised fly screen type cover would help but yes how to make. Love the Hawthorn trees. Love the old barn wish I had and pic of you with pottery. Cute Scarecrow and yay to Dayle ❤❤πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  10. Wonderfully stormy weather here as well in Gresham, OR. I have my little electric fireplace on today. Cozy! Oh, and I was so excited this morning when I went out to go to the grocery store I looked over at my Morning Glory vines on the patio and there were the first two beautiful blue blossoms!! I enjoyed your post, Teresa, and am celebrating Dayle's return to the house...loved seeing his first handsome barn, and you in your pottery studio...and you with your first furry friend...precious! Happy Weekend to you, dear friends... love and ((hugs))

  11. Have you thought about using 1x1 cm netting just under the surface of your pond to thwart the herons? Fish food can fall through but it would create an unstable surface for the birds. I think. I'm sure somewhere online some one has done this. (I know I didn't just dream it up.) Good luck.

  12. We have the same weather as you do today. Rain and wind and that's just fine. The air is now clean and the fires, although they are still burning, aren't growing right now, so that's all wonderful.
    I spent the day in the trailer sewing on my new machine. I made curtains for the trailer. It's so much more cozy now.
    Yay for Dayle being back inside. I know you both feel better that way and I'll bet Mocha was happy to have Dad back! Sophie went home late last night and I'm missing a dog on my lap. She's quite a cuddler, just like Mocha.
    Take care my dear friend. I loved visiting you today.

  13. What a joy to see the old photos, the old barn was a delight. So glad Dayle has been able to move back in. He is such a thoughtful man bringing you flowers in. Cool with a little wind and showers here on the Outer Hebrides. Have a great weekend.

  14. Lovely to hear that Dayle is home again. I love that he brought you a rose. It does indeed look cosy with you, with your fire burning. It's glorious sunshine here today in our southwest corner of England. Cool and breezy though, I needed a jumper on my morning dog walk. The dog is having his morning nap in the sunshine right now and I am about to start work. Hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  15. my keyboard isn't working :( so i'm using the onscreen keyboard which is slow going. love pic of you as a toddler. your previous barn was gorgeous.

  16. Such a darling photo of you as a child, Teresa, and the one of you throwing pottery. I love the barn studio.
    I'm sure Dayle is happy to be back in the house. Such a thoughtful man you have there.
    We're having cloudy weather today, but nice temperatures in the 70's in VA. I love Autumn and it's really feeling like it here.

  17. Good that the winds and rain have blown away the smoke and I’m glad Dayle is back home. Glorious dahlias that really brighten up dark stormy day. Love the old photos you shared and to see you in action on your potters wheel. Hope you keep those koi safe. Sunny but windy today. I think stormy days are due here midweek. B x

  18. Hi Teresa- So glad Dayle is back in the house. My dear hubby went through the feat of thyroid cancer also. He was such a brave warrior. I don't know if Dayle is aware of it, but there's Pond Screens available at hardware stores, Amazon, etc. We lost all but 2 koi to a great Blue Heron also that came up from the Colorado River. Love the memory photos. I too used to throw on a electric wheel years ago. All my firing was done at the local college. I also crochet, a lot! And bead and embroider, I could go on and on. The weather here in NW Arizona is still pretty warm- 94°F today which is much better than a few weeks ago. I love your photos, your talent for writing and OMG! the Crab Cakes on the last post- Yikes- brought back memories from when I lived next door to Monterey, Ca. for several years. Enjoy the day and your storm, and if it gets to be too much, send some down here please.

  19. Glad Dayle is okay to move into the house. What a relief for all of you. I love those dahlias, I will have to plant some next year. Those many, many little petals and the beautiful colors make for a lovely flower! I put out some of my fall decorations also - I am ready for the nice fall weather and colorful trees! Stay safe, Teresa!

  20. We had a koi pond at our previous house. The blue heron would come and deplete our pond of fish. Then we were told that blue heron are territorial. We obtained a plastic one from our local garden center and put it at the edge of our pond. After that, we never lost another fish to the blue heron. (The raccoons were another story!)
    Good luck.


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