Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Treasure From the Sea

Hello friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  Dayle walked Mocha on Monday and they went down to the beach and he found 5 agates for me!  

Mocha loved being on the beach.  She whizzed back and forth on her retractable leash.  

The tide was coming in and the waves crashed near them.. in fact one of them got Dayle and he came back wet boots/feet.  

See the spray from the wave crashing over?

Here is the fresh treasure, wet and sandy and nice sized, too!

I brushed the sand from them and put them in my jadeite shell bowl and they modeled for me.  

I thought they looked appropriate in a shell dish.

I just love it when the light shines through them.

This one is neat.

I decided to make a crocheted pumpkin for my friend Shirley who is house-sitting for us.  This is hers before I crocheted the stem and tendril.

My pumpkin patch is growing!


Mocha was on the back of the sofa and I asked Dayle if he thought she'd stay there if I put the 2 new pumpkins by her and he said no.  Well.. challenge taken.. and she let me pose them by her.  LOL!

We are being treated to aMAYzing weather during our trip.  We only had one rainy day.  

Monday night sunset.  

So pretty.  The big motorhome that was below us left.. this is good and bad.  We had a few hours of unobstructed views.. THEN... we heard a large RV coming down the hill and horrors.. this monstrosity backed in right in front of us.  Sigh.  We love it when small rigs are there.

I had the idea to try stacking my agates for a photo.. oh my goodness.. that was quite the challenge.  We could only get two of them to stack and no more.  I say we because when Dayle saw me trying it he thought he could do better.. lol.. nope... I wished I had my glue gun.. lol!

Do you have agates on the beaches where you live?

I moved the stool I had them on into a pool of sunshine.. 

This is the most translucent of the agates.  So pretty.

Another sunset.  I'm looking forward to the full moon on Halloween.  :-)

We're going on an outing today.. I wonder what we will see?  Thanks for visiting and thank you to those who comment.. they mean a lot to me.  It lets me know I'm not posting photos and telling stories to readers who appreciate me.  :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Teresa beach combing is a way of life here on the Florida coast. You can find all sorts of seashells and other little treasures such as mermaid purses, seashell egg casings- fun. I visit the island of Puerto Rico now and then - there you can beach comb for all kinds of seashells, drift wood and beautiful sea glass. This is the first time I have heard of beach combing for agates - every coast is so unique! You can probably crochet the agates into a fancy net to hang close to your drift wood.
    Thank you for sharing - I love your blog - it's so cool!

  2. Lovely pebbles and beautiful sunsets. And I love the picture of Mocha with the pumpkins. It really is the loveliest spot, and all that sunshine. I'm glad you're having a good time and I hope it's a great outing. CJ xx

  3. I think your sea stones are lovely. The shore is two hours away from us, but down at Cape May, NJ they have what is called Cape May Diamonds, which you find on the beach there and they make them into jewelry, they are quartz. I love finding things like that on the beach and they look lovely in your jadeite shell dish. Take care, be safe. Christine

  4. I cannot believe the amazing weather you're having Teresa. We have never had that many rain-free days when we're there.
    The agates that Dayle found you are beautiful. Will you polish them when you get home or leave them as is? I love the look on Mocha's face when you tried to pose her with the pumpkins. She looks like she's pretty disgusted with the entire process! Ha!
    Oh, how I wish we were there with you. I know that because of COVID we would have to keep our distance but we could at least SEE each other. I miss you and I know Dennis and Dayle always find things to talk about.
    I hope you continue to enjoy your time there. I can almost hear those waves crashing.

  5. Gorgeous photos Teresa. I’ve never found agates anywhere despite years of beach combing but maybe I haven’t looked hard enough! The sea air is so refreshing and so is your post. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I hope the sun keeps shining for you, Dayle and Mocha. XXX

  6. I live about a mile from the beach on the North-West coast of UK. Sadly, no agates or even pebbles, just sand, lots of razor shells and seaweed. Although one time I found lots of fruit washed up, presumably from a container ship. I collected pineapples and mangoes, but the bananas were past their best lol! xx

  7. Oh love the Agate and your pumpkins. The look on Mocha says it all 😂😂🤔
    Thankyou Teresa for sharing all the lovely sea pics too. Here was sunny for a change but rain coming back.....silly spring weather xoxoxo

  8. Oh Mocha. Thanks for posing with the punk ins. You are a punkin!
    I don't think Lake Geneva has agates. Just glass that is very old. I'll have to check

  9. I have never seen an agate before. What a treasure!
    I love that photo of Mocha. Those eyes!

  10. Thanks for making the effort to share the beauty around you, Teresa. I really appreciate your wonderful photos and sea tales...and I am so glad Dayle found the gorgeous agates! The expression on Mocha's face is priceless. Part of my adventure today was driving to the Clackamas mall for a drive-through flu shot!

  11. I live a couple of hours away from the coast and I have never seen agates before. What lovely things to find. Your pumpkins are very sweet and your Jadeite intrigued me. I don’t think I have ever seen it before. Is it an American product only? ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Wonderful treasure Teresa, I love to beach comb too. Enjoy your wonderful holiday, such gorgeous weather you are enjoying xx

  13. Those little pumpkins turn out so cute! I had to google agates to find out more about them. Dayle was lucky to find so many. Will you make them into jewelry or use them for display?

  14. Hola querida amiga, me encantan leerte aunque a veces no posteo, lo hago cuando tengo un ratito libre en mi trabajo. LIndo lugar, aqui en Costa Rica tambien tenemos lindas playas, solo que no hay caravanas tan lindas como la que tenes. Saludos desde Costa Rica y tengas buen fin de semana.

    1. Hello dear friend, I love to read you although sometimes I do not post, I do it when I have a little free time in my work. Nowhere, here in Costa Rica we also have beautiful beaches, only there are no caravans as beautiful as the one you have. Greetings from Costa Rica and have a good weekend.

  15. Your pumpkins are so sweet. You have had some lovely days to enjoy. The agates are so pretty.

  16. Teresa, your photos are so beautiful and that so pretty! I've never found anything like that here, and no idea whether agate can even be found on our UK beaches. It's really beautiful, especially when you showed it with the sun streaming through. So glad you're getting good weather, it looks idyllic there by the ocean xxxxxxxxxx

  17. The beautiful agates are news to me by the ocean, Teresa! I've combed beaches for years and never seen them. Your darling pumpkins look so cute by Mocha. And your lovely sunset photos--breathtakingly gorgeous. It's lovely to see you are enjoying your get away.

  18. How wonderful to find agates washed up on the beach. Agate was my mother's maiden name so it has always held a special place in my family. We have lots of agate jewellery between us. How I would love to comb a beach and find some.

  19. Love your agates, so pretty especially with the light through it. Nothing like that on our beach, just sea glass and shells. Intriguing how each beach is different. You have certainly been blessed with beautiful weather and stunning sunsets. B x

  20. Hello, I'm happy to follow you. We have a trailer of our own. We travel decidedly. when we retire, we want to travel all the time.
    kisses from Turkey!

  21. Such lovely photographs of your trip. Thank you for taking us along with you.

  22. I love your beach views. So beautiful and those agates, wow. I like the way the light hits them. Mocha looks like such a cutie. Nothing like having a dog around. Thanks for linking up and you and Dayle stay well.


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