Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Carrying On

Seven days until our new President is inaugurated.  Unfortunately, the people who stormed the capitol, directed there by our failed president, are organizing to disrupt our country leading up to and on the day of the inauguration.  So, we cannot rest easy, we have to carry on and do our best full of stress of what will happen next.  Please keep us in your thoughts that our country will survive these insurrectionists.

Meanwhile... we went to pick up groceries that were loaded into our car after I shopped online.. had a drive-thru lunch, picked up mail, etc.  When we arrived home I snapped a photo of our cozy little farmhouse.  To be honest I have not been out for a long time and was having cabin-fever.

I did a walk about checking out the winter garden and here is a bloom on my little miniature rose.  Poor little cold thing!  We have 4 little cabbage plants still alive, some parsley and onions.  

I have photos of my grandparents kitchen queen after we drove to Oklahoma to bring it home.  No one else saw the value of it as it sat in the old farmhouse neglected for years.  I did.  It was painted pale green with bright yellow inside.  I had this professionally restored by an expert.  I do not have the cabinetry skills to tackle something like this myself.

Here is my family heirloom now.  On top is my grandmother's oak splint egg basket I found in the chicken house.

Here is a map of our drive, we left at 7 am on a Thursday morning and arrived in Watonga at 7 pm on Friday, only stopping to eat and gas up the car.  I had come down quite ill not long into the trip so only was able to drive a short while, Dayle did it all himself.  I ended up with pneumonia, but still was able to visit with as many relatives as possible, my aunt Florence had a dinner and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins came to see me.  Mom was one of 12 children, so there were plenty of them to see.  :-)

Here is the 5-legged oak table we rescued from the chicken coop.  I had it professionally refinished too, it has 5 leaves and extends to seat 10 people.

When we visited the farm while we were back in Oklahoma for a family reunion I decided to rescue the kitchen queen and we walked by the chicken coop and my sharp eyes spied some shapely wooden legs under a pile of dried tree pods.. my sister Roberta went in with me to see what it was.. we brushed off the debris on top and saw a pile of boards.. after closer inspection they were oak leaves!  We hauled them out and then carried out the table, the legs were deep in the dirt so parts of one leg fell off, we found a coal scuttle and filled it with the parts we found down in the dirt.  I engaged help from an aunt with a pickup truck and moved them to the barn of a family friend down the road.  

Had I not rescued these family heirlooms and had them refinished they would have been burned when my dad had the old farmhouse and barn razed.  

Have I shown you my custard cup rack I found for $20?  I had 2 jadeite custard cups and found 3 more.. now I only need one to complete the set.  :-)

They are McKee Philbe design and glow.  Love them.

Betsy's granddaughter sent me this darling hand-made thank you note for the books I sent her.  So sweet. 

I have 2 more stripes done on my Meadow blanket!  

Look what Dayle surprised me with when he ran into a store to get a few things when out getting a grocery order yesterday.  Some pretty Lilies!

That is my virtual journal entry for today.  I've decided what I do is photo-journalism.  :-)  Thank you for visiting.  

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I am in awe over your refinished furniture, Teresa! How wonderful you were able to save these pieces. So glad you were able to see their potential! The Hoosier cabinet is wonderful!
    We must continue to pray for our country. I'm so worried...

  2. That is just amazing. I would never have guessed what a treasure was underneath all those years of neglect.
    One week. One week until I can get a good night's sleep knowing we are back in the hands of people with integrity and intelligence. Araignee

  3. Oh my goodness... what lovely pieces you rescued! Did you refinish them yourself or did you have someone do it for you? They are just beautiful! Love the colors in your new blanket!

    1. I had them professionally refinished, I do not have the carpentry skills to have brought them back to life like the restoration experts did. :-)

  4. What a drive! But look at all your rescued !!!! Piper seems so darling!

  5. Gosh I grew up with a cabinet like that same colours lol That was a fantastic trip Teresa but sorry your got ill. Wonderful furniture ❤ Jadiete too. Your blanket is going to be lovely.

  6. I absolutely love that you rescued those beautiful pieces of furniture. And they look just so amazing now! Well worth saving and cherishing. There really isn't much in the way of modern furniture that has that quality, longevity and character about it. It's all cheap, mass produced rubbish designed to only last a couple of years :(
    We are glued to our tvs and interwebs down here waiting for when you can finally kick 45 out of office. What a joke that thing is.
    I love the progress on your meadow blanket. Lucy has such an eye for colour that I'm so envious! I am tempted to make the Meadow Harmony blanket.
    Sending you biggest hugs and love. Take care and stay healthy xoxoxox Louise

  7. I like your older family furniture. I have a few as well. I am not out every day. I like being home and make myself get things done instead of sitting all day. Take care!!

  8. Hi Teresa! You have a rose blooming?! That's always amazing to me that there are flowers all winter in the Portland area. The first time I was there in the winter was when we moved Mandy there. The area around her apartment was beautiful with geraniums of all colors in full bloom. I didn't want to come home to the snow. And we had a LOT that year.
    I enjoyed seeing all about your furniture again. I had forgotten much of it, especially about the table. It's so pretty now.
    Aww, Pipers card is so sweet. You can tell she's trying to learn cursive. Not bad for 2nd grader. :-). It was sweet of you to send her the books. She loves books, just like the rest of the family.
    Take care and tell Dayle hi for Dennis.

  9. Wonderful drive,congratulations,God blesses America and I hope all will be well,greetings from anna

  10. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of your farmhouse before at least not from this perspective. It doesn't seem little to me but definitely cosy. Beautiful home! I am amazed at the marvellous restoration work that has been done on your family heirlooms. Antique furniture has an essence that modern furniture just cannot produce. The wood alone is by far superior! This is why I like to buy second hand or antique furniture if I can. Such a sweet card from Betsy's grand-daughter. Books as a gift are one of the best presents for sure! Beautiful lilies and the colours match the yarn for your meadow blanket. keep well Amanda x

  11. I can smell those lilies from here. The cabinet is beautiful, so good that you rescued it. As for the unrest, I feel for you and your amazing country. CN x

  12. Such beautiful family heirlooms Teresa! Very nice. Congratulations on finding more jadite custard cups. Love your blanket and such a sweet note from Piper. A picture of the lampshade my Mom pierced is on my blog today!!

  13. What an eye you have for beauty, the furniture is such a delight. Thank goodness you were able to save it. Loved the note from Miss Piper, she is a darling. I have visited your Country many times, so I am so hopeful that is will be reunited. Take care sweet friend.

  14. The furniture turned out so beautiful. Your restorer is very skilled! That was a wonderful rescue you did!

  15. The furniture you rescued is unrecognisable before you had them restored. What an amazing job, such beautiful pieces of furniture. We have some heirloom pieces, which I love very much. None come with the story of your furniture though. Thanks for sharing xx

  16. Thanks for sharing the beauty around you and how you invested in renewing the beauty of pieces that others nearly destroyed or discarded, with amazing results! Piper's sweet note of thanks, more pretty rows on your blanket, a brave winter rose and lovely Lilies in this season are encouraging to see as well. Thanks 😊((hugs))

  17. I love your depression era cabinet. Never heard it called a kitchen queen. I saw one a few years ago here in OK that was refinished and we went home to talk about it and when we went back it was gone. Kind of regret that. Not everyone sees the potential in things (or people). Good for you.

  18. How wonderful that you save all those family furniture pieces and had them lovingly restored. They are beautiful and it would have been such a shame for them to be burned. We saw some really lovely chairs out on the side of the road yesterday that really only looked like they needed some TLC but don't have the place for them, otherwise would have scooped them up. There so much that needs some sanding or a lick of paint and it would be good as new but people just keep throwing and buying new stuff. Your blanket is coming along nicely. Very sweet and thoughtful of Piper to send you a thank you. Gratefulness and kindness really do matter. Take care of yourself.

  19. Love the story of the old cupboard. So much history for you to enjoy. Definitely thinking of you all in the USA at the moment. Roll on the 20th without incident. B x

  20. The flowers are beautiful - what a wonderful surprise!
    Those family heirlooms are magnificent! Well worth the cost of restoration.
    Have a blessed day!

  21. I am seriously impressed with the family heirlooms you rescued. They are so beautiful! I LOVE things like that. I have a Hoosier cabinet in my kitchen much like yours, but not quite as complete. Thanks for linking up and stay well.


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