Monday, January 11, 2021

Yarn Trolley, Meadow Progress, Recipes and Cookies

I have 2 trolleys.  One is for yarn organizing and the other is in my closet to hold shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.  One is red and one is.. mint green.  I had the red one for the yarn but felt the turquoise/green one would go with the Meadow blanket I'll be working on for months.. lol.  So, I switched everything out, wiped them down and here is my finished product.  I put my 2 "Lucy Bags" that I made using her design which are holding other yarn at this time.

I printed up the color sequence that Lucy created and taped it on the front of the trolley so I can keep track of the next color and then I organized all the yarn in order, too.  

I started at the bottom.  I will do two rows of each and then repeat them.  :-)

Lucy suggested using stitch markers to keep track of the starting chain, that was very helpful.  I find the counting of chains to be rather brain numbing.  I had to do 198 chains for a blanket that will be 4 feet wide.  

The first two rows completed.  I must say the pattern is very unusual as you double crochet one and then you double crochet in the space behind it, making an X.  The first row of this was rather difficult, but happily the next row you just follow the row below and it's easier.  

4 rows, 2 colors done, next up is a rose pink.  :-)

I might have gotten more crochet done but we were looking for a recipe and so I decided to go through and organize my box of 50 years of hand-written recipes.  Interestingly I have more cookie recipes than any other, next up is main dishes.  

I ran across my Mom's pancake/hotcake recipe.  I thought I'd share it with you.  If you make it can you let me know how it turned out?  Maybe show a photo on your blog if you are a blogger?

The recipe we were looking for is for peanut butter cookies.  I found a recipe I got from some children I babysat for, for a few weeks, when I was a young married woman, age 20.  They turned out delicious!

We have our big meal of the day at around 3 or 4 pm, it's our lunch/dinner.  Then we have a snack in the evening.  This was our snack.  Peanut butter is good for you, right?  :-)

I ordered Dayle this new chair/stool for when he's working in the kitchen.  Isn't it cute?

One of the Jadeite Junkies was selling some cute little lamps so we bought them as our house seems so dark in our long winters.  

We had a similar sized lamp on our piano and I'd made a lampshade years ago to fit it.. so we put it on this lamp which I put on the table next to my easy chair.  I had found an old shade, cut off the fabric, made a pattern for the paper using the wire shade base, drew a design, used a razor knife to cut the design, curled the paper to open the design, glued it to the frame, then lined it with parchment paper to soften the light, glued a narrow ribbon and then a lace edging.  

The painting to the left is my grandparents small farmhouse in Oklahoma after they'd moved to town and the little house was deteriorating.  I used ink from an octopus to paint it my friend sent me from Alaska, her husband had caught it in his salmon fishing net, they ate the octopus and sent me the ink.  I did a whole series of octopus ink paintings.  I also made the square lidded basket from cedar bark strips.

Well.. that is my story for the day.  Did you have a good weekend?  Do you have plans for the week?  Stay well!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I always love reading your interesting. Octopus ink! How great!

  2. It's funny you are organizing your recipes as I am doing the same. Winter is a great time to do such tasks. Love the new lamps and your pierced shade is darling--well done. The stool looks like an old fashioned one!

  3. Who made those pencils in the back? Dayle? I love his stool! Well that sounded bad. Oh Crisco. There is never a better pie than one crust made with crisco. Those cookies look awesome. My Monday was cold. I did however watch some of a ken burns doc. on the Roosevelts. Very interesting while I Forced myself to go on the elliptical. Ugh I hate to work out!

    1. Go to Amazon - type in the search bar -

      Stick Twig Colored Wooden Pencils

  4. That ink drawing is amazing. You really are so multi-talented and creative. The blanket is going to be lovely.

  5. I love my trolley too. I use mine to hold my weaving things beside my loom-when it was set up. I sure miss it. I had to pack it away during the remodel from hell.
    That stool is just like the one my grandmother always had in her kitchen. I can see it now right by the door. I had no idea they still made those.

  6. I have two trolleys too. I have one in each trailer now, but usually one is in the trailer and one in the house. I love them.
    The blanket is going to be beautiful and you're so organized with it all. Even the chart printed out!
    The new lanps are beautiful too. You've found some really neat pieces lately.
    Dennis turned 65 on Saturday but we really didn't do anything special. I made him a cheesecake and homemade Macaroni & Cheese at his request.
    Have a great night Teresa. Hi to Dayle and Mocha.

  7. Hi Teresa, and Dale and Mocha. A lovely bright post to read on a murky grey morning here in the UK. I love those cours for your blanket. I have a trolley in that colour. Has lot of my craft supplies in it. The blanket is going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see your progress. Take care. Hugs xxx

  8. I have a large straw basket for my wool that I inherited from my m in law. Not quite as organised as your trolly. Lovely to see all your recipe cards going way back. Connections to the past :) B x

  9. Your new lamps are so pretty. My Mom made a number of lampshades like yours. I have one she made on a lamp in our bedroom. That is going to be a gorgeous blanket Teresa! I like your octopus ink painting.

  10. You are so organised with your trolleys, you are putting me to shame. Love the new lamps and the amazing shade that you made. I was so impressed with the octopus ink and amazing drawing.

  11. Gosh, if I were only a tiny bit as talented as you. Alas, I have no artistic talent whatsoever:(

  12. What a lovely post, I do like a bit of organising. Your yarn trolley is looking lovely, I really like the way you've set it up. Believe it or not I was just thinking about that sort of trolley earlier today and thinking one might be useful. I absolutely adore old recipes, especially ones that have been handwritten by people. Brilliant box as well. And I love the lampshade, what a clever idea. Not much going on here. I'm working, working, working and the children are doing online school. Powering through, as it were. CJ xx

  13. Thanks for another beautiful post, Teresa. Last week several folks around me had medical issues and I still am trying to get myself back on track. I enjoyed seeing your cheery red stool in this post. Its the style I grew up with and your new lamps are so pretty. It is encouraging to see the birth of your new blanket, and I look forward to watching it grow. I have started a baby blanket in simple double crochet. I am working on eating my last batch of chocolate chip peanut butter cookies...your cookies look delicious. ((hugs))😊

  14. Wonderful Teresa ❤❤ So many beautiful Jadiete and you are so artistic πŸ˜€
    Blog catchup had kiddies overnight lol


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