Friday, January 8, 2021

Meadow Blanket CAL Begins

What better way to take my mind off my worries than to begin a new blanket project?  Today is the day Lucy at Attic24 launched her new blanket design.  15 glorious, summery colors of squishy soft Stylecraft Special yarn from England!  I cleared out my trolley and have it all set up for action.

I've printed up the color sequence so I can know which one to use next.  I'm itching to get my hook into this and make my first few rows.  I need to decide how big to make it, but it's not going to be too big.

Lucy always does a "color sample" and I will do the "color sample repeat".  I like the colors melting into each other and repeating it for order in my brain.  

I will be well into this by my next blog post on Monday.  Are you doing this CAL?  (Crochet-A-Long).

One of the Jadeite Junkies asked about a teapot that would go with the dishes so I found mine and took a photo of it.  :-)

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.  I am hoping for our country to unify and heal.  I will do my part.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. wow, Teresa, lining them all up is a smart move. You are an organizer!

  2. Beautiful Teapot Teresa! Just lovely. I had been wondering when you would start your next blanket. The colors are so soft and inviting. It will be beautiful!

  3. Really gorgeous colour scheme for this blanket. Starting a new project like this is so exciting!! Enjoy!! What next but a fabulous kettle which goes with your Jadeite collection...beautiful!! keep well Amanda x

  4. Well done you. I really love the colours of this blanket. Looking forward to seeing your progress. B x

  5. Dear Teresa, so good you have something to clear your mind and is productive at the same time! The blancet looks very promissing!! Your tea pot is so beautifull, and fits your jadeite collection perfect! Hope you feel better now, while things have cooled down a bit!! Love, Janneke.

  6. That's a very pretty teapot. Have fun crocheting along.

  7. What beautiful colors for your blanket. It will be fun watching as you progress through the stitiches, rows and colors. Lucy always designs magical blankets.
    But that teapot!!! It's gorgeous. Is it new?
    I'm sure praying a LOT for our country. There is a lot of healing that needs to take place.

    1. Betsy, the teapot is one I've had for several years. :-)

  8. I love the teapot, what a treasure, a real delight. It is always exciting to start a new project, love the colour combination. It saddens me to see your beautiful country in such turmoil.

  9. Love that teapot Teresa ❤❤ I finally blogged including your lovely πŸŽ„ card.
    Wishing us all to keep well and safe xoxo

  10. Everyone is making that blanket. It's a beauty. I did one of her CAL years ago but found out the hard way my cats will destroy any yarny type blanket so I never used the pretty thing. It live in a box under my bed. I should gift it to a kitty less friend. Araignee

  11. Just looking at those yarns and colors is a pleasure!

  12. Nine chocolates left in your advent calendar? love!

  13. Very tempted by the new CAL, but already have 2 blankets on a go! I am sure you will love this one :-)


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