Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Preparation for Thanksgiving

Hello my friends!  For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day full of family, friends, delicious food and happiness.  A new addition to our table decor is a pair of Pilgrims that Kristi found for us at a thrift store.  I love them!

I've enjoyed seeing my little display of Thanksgiving things on the table, but tomorrow I will put most of it away, put a fresh tablecloth on and begin to set the table with my turkey dishes, crystal goblets and silverware.  (I guess I should explain, we were going to our son's house for dinner, but his wife's father passed away a few weeks ago so we offered to host and they accepted.)

We picked up a pretty little bouquet for the table.. 

Yesterday we went over the menu that I had saved on my computer from last year and of course, we're making the same things... it's about tradition.  Then we headed off for lunch at Red Lobster -- clam chowder and a salad with grilled shrimp on top.. yummmm.  Then we girded our loins.. yes we did.. and headed to Winco, our favorite big grocery store.  We have 3 bags of things awaiting our cooking frenzy of tomorrow and the fridge is full of fresh ingredients.  

This fresh 21+ pound darling is awaiting Dayle's magic touch.  He makes the sage-y, veggie studded bread stuffing, stuffs the turkey and gets it in the oven after putting butter and herbs under the skin on the breast.

We needed butter, of course.  It goes on the turkey, saute the veggies for dressing, in the candied yams I make from scratch, on the rolls, etc.  I love that it's Oregon made butter.

Dayle also makes homemade orange cranberry sauce with a recipe I found a few years back.  You use orange marmalade and cook it down.  This also is Oregon produced.  Most of the ingredients we purchased are locally produced.  Funny story, Caleb wanted to eat a cranberry and although he was warned that they would be sour, I said, go ahead and give him one.  He chewed it up and with a funny look on his face said.. "It's not THAT sour!".  LOL!

I usually do a blog post AFTER Thanksgiving - but I decided that I wanted to say hello and show you a bit of what it takes to put on a big family feast.  Well, there will be only be 7 of us.  We've had 30ish people here in the past, but families grow and get too big and then separate out for their own dinners with their own kids and grandkids.  But I do treasure the times when both of my parents, all of my siblings, their spouses, their kids and our kids gathered here in our old farmhouse. 

Many years I wrote a poem when the whole family was coming for Thanksgiving and we would be using a table that I rescued from my grandparent's farm buildings -- please click and read it - you'll have to scroll down, it's under photos of the table and the kitchen Queen that I also rescued.  Click HERE

For those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I am asking a favor - will you close your eyes right now and give thanks for all the positive things in your life?  Don't think about the challenges you face, think of the home you have, the warm and dry bed, the food on your table and your friends and family.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Crochet Mitts and Craft Show

Hello!  How is your November treating you?  We are cruising through at high speed.. :-)  I've been wanting to crochet a pair of fingerless mitts but hadn't seen a pattern that excited me.. until.. Sue at Mrs. Micawber's blog decided to design a pair and have a CAL (crochet-a-long).  I joined right in.  Here is my one finished "Limpet Mitt".  I love how it turned out!  (I planned on painting my fingernails a matching red.. but didn't get around to it.. )  :-)

The pretty swirly "Limpets" turned out pretty.

On Saturday our DIL went to a craft show with her sister, Caleb went with them.  They got him a cute crocheted Batman hat and a handmade Batman cape which he was so excited about.  Hayden had gone instead with his uncle so he didn't get one.  When they returned home, he was sad about that, so Dayle and I hopped in the car and headed to Clackamas to find the craft fair and hope there was a hat and cape like his brother's.  Success.. we found both.  It was fun to look around at all the crafts and craftspeople.

The cute girl who made all the hats modeled a girl Viking hat complete wit golden braids.  If it had fit me I would have gotten it!  She is roaring like a Viking maiden for me in this shot.  LOL!  Did I tell you that my brother got a DNA test and it said we're 37% Scandinavian.. and we had NO idea!  I can tell you that I'm pretty happy to be a descendant of the Viking people!  :-)

A look back as we left with our bounty.

On the way in we passed the Kettle Corn lady and you would NOT believe how this smelled.  Needless to say we bought a bag of sweet and salty HOT popcorn right out of the big copper kettle.

Now both the boys have hats and capes - happy guys!

Kristi made a fun wreath that I thought you would all enjoy - she is doing a secret Santa exchange and this will be shipped to South Carolina.  

I have another mitt to crochet and my shawl lace edging to do.  Then I plan on making a matching hat.  I need to hurry as I want to wear this during the holidays.  Are you making things?  What?  I'm off to swim with Gracie.   ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cabelas, WWII and Supporting Friends

Hello my friends, how is your weekend going?  On Thursday Dayle and I went to visit the new Cabelas sportsman store.  Oh my goodness.. what a place!  I walked in and immediately started snapping photos.. this is the front entry.. for an outdoor store?  Amazing!

And then this is what you see, the main aisle, with stuffed wild animals all down the sides at roof level.. with wood beams and skylights.  And I heard water falling.. and I was drawn towards the "mountain" at the other end...

There were a family of bears...

And majestic Mountain Goats.

I didn't photograph ALL the animals along the way, but there were many!  I reached the "mountain" and it was covered with MORE stuffed wild animals and there was a waterfall winding down.. see that elk?

And big huge bear mid-roar.. 

Mountain sheep, a badger, mountain lion/cougar and a beautiful antelope.  

There were more stuffed animals around the whole building up on a ledge.  Here is a moose couple.

You could walk through a tunnel under the mountain and view two aquariums with fish that you might try to catch if you buy a fishing pole.. :-)

The 2nd one had rainbow trout in it.

We walked around like two country rubes going ooooh and ahhh.. look at that!  I was looking forward to seeing what they had in cast iron cookware.  They had big ones and little ones - and I'm on the hunt for a bigger one than what we have - but I will wait until we find an old one.  The new ones are so rough!  The old ones are smooth.  Dayle was interested in the gun department - during which I waited for him in the snack bar area and caught up on Scrabble on my iPhone.  :-)  We eventually found something to buy, a bag of orange slice jellied sweeties.  :-)  Lunch out and a stop at Home Depot and home.  Fun day.

Now - when I was talking to my brother Rob the other day he told me that our Mother had given him two books that were our Dad's - he kept one and gave the other to his twin sister, Roberta.  It told all about the World War II era of Iwo Jima and Japan that my Dad went through, and his name is in the book.  So, I went on Amazon and found a First Edition of the book and now I own a copy too.. it arrived yesterday.  I am happy that the dust jacket was with it, but it's in delicate condition - is it okay to have it laminated or is that a no-no?

Dayle spent a long time last night looking through this book and telling me things.  I look forward to reading it and learning what my dear father went through.  I have to say that my Dad brought home a Samurai sword and Japanese rifle which we grew up looking at from time to time.. and during a move of my dads they came up missing.. obviously the movers.  Isn't that sad?  Here is the cover of the hardbound book - it's bigger than I thought it would be and quite heavy.

The government apparently sent one of these books to each of the soldiers who served.  I will treasure this book of my father's history.

On to a new subject - I'm doing a CAL (Crochet-a-long) with Sue at Mrs. Micawber blog.  She is very talented and knows techniques I've never even dreamed of.  But thanks to Sue.. and stretching my brain into some knots.. lol.. I know them now.  This is called Limpet Mitts.  See the shell shapes in the lower part?  Those are limpets.  She is going to post the next part today.. can't wait.

And now some sad news. I want to let you know that my friend and the maker of my sterling silver crochet hooks is very ill.  His wife Molly, who is his life partner and fellow artisan, sent me some information that I asked if I could share with you.  From Molly:

"John has end stage pancreatic cancer, and it is in his lungs and lymph system.  At the beginning of June they told him he had weeks to months to live.  He is still up and about and is still coming to the smithy every so often.  He has taught me how to make the things he makes and I will be carrying on the best I can.  I am giving him home hospice palliative care with the help of Hospice of the Northwest.  We feel very blessed to have this time together.  

I have only been telling a few people about this.  I guess it would be nice to get emails of support."

--- my friends, please say a prayers or send your good wishes to try to ease his pain.  I know they would like to hear from you, to wish them well.

Above a photo of John and Molly many years ago and below is John not long ago.

Here is my collection of their sterling silver hooks.  They are like magic to use - smooth, perfect of function, warming to your touch and beautiful.  I am glad I will have these to remember John and think of Molly.  To see their website click HERE.

And so, I am going to pick up my size H silver hook and work on finishing my red shawl today.  By the fire.  Chinese leftovers for lunch.  And life is good.  I hope you have a happy day ahead of you, enjoy your weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Elise Shawl and Crochet Magazine Nirvana

Hello my dears!  I have been happily crocheting along on my ruby red Elise Shawl that my blog friend Meredith suggested I try... I'm using Blue Sky Alpaca, Company's 50% Baby Alpaca - 50% Tussah Silk yarn.  To say it's a delight is an understatement.  There has not been ONE SINGLE knot/tie in any of the skeins.  It's soft and shiny and wonderful.  OK.. so I'm at the point of it's as big as my other shawl.. but I am not impressed with the border/edging in the original pattern.  I *love* the lacy edging on my Ruby Shawl in Autumn colors.  So, I may do that border.  What do you think?  I adore my Lumix camera but it does not do RED very well.  The red is an amazing pure ruby red.  It looks kind of pinkish here, but it's RED.

Again, not the ruby red that it is, but I love the lacy-ness of this design.

Time for the border to begin!

Don't you love crochet lace?

NOW... (I am not being paid to tell you about this magazine).. and I never get crochet magazines for some reason... but my friends John & Molly from Celtic Swan fiber tools were excited about having one of their hand wrought crochet hooks featured in this fine publication, John posted about it on his Facebook page.. so I promptly went on Amazon and found the magazine and bought it.  It arrived yesterday and after the boys went to bed, (and Dayle was watching recorded American Pickers), I settled in by the fire and opened this magazine up...

Right straight away near the front of the 'zine was the 14k *gold* C sized crochet hook that John and Molly made in their forge in an old school bus by their vintage farmhouse on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.  I have a set of their fabulous sterling silver crochet hooks and a yarn needle.  I only use these hooks to do my crochet projects.  

And the fun kept going in this magazine!  Next up was my blog friend "Suz" staring up from the pages!  How fun is this?  

Then.. the main articles.. Oh. My. Goodness!  Amazing wearable art, page after page of deliciousness!

I just wish I had the shape of these models!  I love all the laciness!

This is a gorgeously brilliant blanket by the designer Kaffe Fasset.  What wonderful color sense he has!

Then... they had stories of crocheters who have gained notoriety, these two guys look like real characters, don't they?  I love guys who crochet!!  Be sure to visit their blog and watch their video about themselves.. I want to be their friend!  LOL!  Arne & Carlos.

And that isn't all the guy crocheting coolness.. check out these five young men!  One of them couldn't find a beanie he liked, so he bought some yarn and a crochet hook and made his own.. then 4 of his friends joined him in making custom made hats from their website, and now after being shown in the media, they are making 1500 hats a year and have hired several women to crochet for them!  HatNuts

Well, Dayle and I are soon to head out for an adventure.  We're going to visit the new Cabela's store in Tualatin.  (too-ALL-uh-ten).  I will take photos for you.  And then out to lunch and a few other errands.. I hope you have a nice day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Frozen Falls

Hello, thanks for popping in for a visit!  Last night Dayle and I went to Multnomah Falls for the Friend's Annual Meeting.  My dear husband took my camera and went to capture some images of the frozen falls while I headed in to the warm lodge.  Look at this great shot he got!

Here is a shot going up the walkway to the viewing plaza.  I was worried he would slip and fall but he made it up and back on one piece. 

Brrrr... this looks so cold!

A bit of a zoom in.  Such pretty ice sculptures by Mother Nature!

As webmaster of FOMF, I get interesting emails from people when they Google the Falls.. a few weeks ago this couple emailed me and asked if they could show our group their little model he made of the MF Lodge.  So, I invited them to bring it to our Annual Meeting to show everyone.  I'm delighted that Rick Buck, the President of Multnomah Falls Lodge, Co. loved it so much that they bought it to be on display there henceforth.  The man and his wife were thrilled!  So am I, for making it possible for them to show this and find the perfect home for it.

The Lodge treats our group to a wonderful dinner of home made lasagna, baguette, triple berry crisp with whipped cream and beverages.  We held the election and my 4 year term as president will end on Dec. 31st, and a new president will take the helm.  It was an honor to serve this great group.  I will remain on the board of directors and continue being editor of the newsletter and also stay on as webmaster - and be Events Chair.  But my duties will be way less now.. there is something to be said for that.  :-)  Click to see the FOMF Website.

Our Volunteers of the Year are Dollie and Lynn Rasmussen.  :-)

I really enjoyed working with the US Forest Service National Scenic Area staff for these years.  The young man next to me is the new Site Manager for MF, on his side is his boss, and that is me in a rust shirt, and to my side is the "big boss", the Area Manager of the USFS-NSA.  What great people they are!

OK, time to head out for an all out assault on Costco, hubby loves that he only has to spend $1.50 for my lunch of a Polish Dog and a soda.  Thanks for stopping in!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)