Monday, October 5, 2015

Giveaway, Spinning and a Puppy

I want my readers to know how much I appreciate you - so I will be giving away these Autumn colored Millefiori lamp-work glass beads made in Milan, Italy, topped with a Carnelian, with sterling silver daisy spacer and ear wire.  I will send anywhere in the world.  I'm all for making things easy.  Just leave a comment for 1 entry.  Tell me if you're a follower, you get two entries.  If you post a link on your blog - three entries.  :-)  If you don't wear earrings, I will change these to stitch markers for you if you like.  Or you can hang them on a silver chain to make two necklaces.  DEADLINE:  Sunday October 11th, I will announce the winner on Monday the 12th.  Good luck!

I have two spinning wheels.  One older one, which I do love, it's handmade of solid cherry wood.  Dayle brought it out the other day for me to oil - I used coconut oil and it looks and smells so nice! :-)  I was told by the person I got it from that it was made by hand in New England.  I wish I knew the name of the person who made it and more of it's story!

Cherrywood is really glorious.. don't you think?

There needs to be one repair on it, the "Drive Band Tension Adjustment Screw" has been a bit stripped out.  I have no idea how I can get it fixed.  Ideas?

Our son Shawn and his family got a new puppy, so they invited us over for dinner yesterday to visit and see the new baby.  How many people can you get on one sofa?  6?  Michael was playing a game and our little grandsons were watching intently.  

Introducing "Shadow" - a black German Shepherd.  She joins Schatzie and Meeka.  I held her and she cuddled with me and stuck her little nose around my neck and I was smitten.

Kristi found the alpaca roving that I bought last year or so, I look forward to spinning it up.

I got a large batch of gray alpaca roving and a nice dark chocolate brown/black one too.  

Can you believe that we are having another sunny day?  It's 75 deg. out, too.  What is with the weather?  This is very unusual.  I'm starting to think that Oregon is the new California.  :-)

I am going to sell my Kromski Polonaise spinning wheel.  Anyone interested?  They retail for $800 but I'm selling mine for $500.  This is what it looks like, but this is the Kromski professional photo, not mine.  

OK.. I did swim on Friday and I'm heading off soon today.  What are you up to this week?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Moment of Silence and Driving the Gorge

I will begin my post today asking for a moment of silence for the families and friends of 9 students that were slain by an armed man in Roseburg, Oregon yesterday.  This happened on the Umpqua Community College campus - the town where my brother and sister-in-law raised their five good children.  We are saddened by this.  An Army veteran at the school that day was a hero, he pulled all the alarms in the hall, shouted at the other students to run, then as the gunman tried to enter the room that he was in he charged him and tried to keep him from coming in and was shot 7 times.  He is still alive and the gunman is not.  For that I am grateful.  

When I was volunteering at Multnomah Falls last week a young man and woman came in and asked about how to find Oneonta Gorge.  We gave him directions and told him that they would have to do some wading in the water to get to the back of the narrow gorge to see the waterfall.  I asked him if he'd share a photo with me if he got one.  Yesterday I got a text and there was the image!  His name is David Blanco.  Thanks, David!  I love Oneonta Gorge and have hiked back into it on a hot day.  There are mosses and lichens there that grow no where else in the world.  

My treasurer's report went well and we had a good meeting of the Portland Women's Forum.  After the meeting I drove my friends Sally and Bev across the Columbia River to Washougal, Washington to visit the Pendleton Woolen Mill Company Store.  I love the display of Chief Joseph pattern blankets.. so many colors.  Which one would you choose?  I'm drawn to the ones with turquoise in them.

These are the big blankets.  Sally found a pretty bag to buy in a cobalt blue pattern.  Bev got a black sweater.  I didn't buy anything.  Yes, shock and disbelief.  But the trip was for Sally who was given a gift of money as a thank you for her years of service as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Friends of Vista House.

Sally asked if we could drive further up the gorge and I had no afternoon time constraints so we headed East on Route 14 in Washington and enjoyed the views of the river.  I pulled into the Beacon Rock State Park and feasted my eyes on this gorgeous stone monolith.

There is actually a hiking trail to the top of this rock.. I've never climbed this.. would you do it?  :-)

We drove up a forested road to see the campground and were rewarded with this flaming tree.

This creek through the park is usually roaring with water but right now it's pretty meek.

We visited the Little Viking Drive-In in Stevenson and each ordered an ice cream cone.  I drove us to the park by the river while we had our cones.  Say, what is that I see beyond the big oak tree?

So, after we were done with our ice cream I walked down to get a better view.  OH.. wow.. look at that big beautiful sternwheeler!  

It's the American Empress.  What I wouldn't give to look inside!

You can book passage on this vessel for several different cruises.  I think of how nice that would be.

This is a beautiful vessel.

Standing on the grass of the park there I looked West to see the Bridge of the Gods.  Can you see it way down there?  It was a hazy day.  This park is where the wind and kite surfers launch from the beach to ply the waters.

There is the bridge in the hazy air.

I looked down and saw a branch of the oak tree that had blown down.

And many cute little acorns were on the ground.

I drove East a ways to try to capture an image of the paddle wheel.  

The light wasn't good for this shot.. but it's still neat to see it from the stern.

We then headed to the Bridge of the Gods to pass over back to Oregon.  

I drove through Cascade Locks and into the Port of Cascade Locks Marine Park. I took us down to the new brew pub to show Sally - and while there we saw a BIG boat.. it was National Geographic "Sea Star".  You can also book passage on it for quite the adventures.

I then drove us to the marina end of the park and we enjoyed looking over the river and the marina where I told the girls of some of our adventures when we had our sailboat "Stargazer" there for several years.  I then snapped an image of the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge.  If you've read my blog for a while you'll recognize this boat which I've sailed upon many times.

It's a swimming day.  I am going.. yes I am.. but I'm a bit tired out.  But I'm going.  I am.  Do you have any fun plans for the day?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Autumn Leaf Adventure

Yesterday was one of those rare weekdays when I didn't have any commitments.  So, I asked my dear husband if he would like to accompany me on an Autumn drive to enjoy some of the trees that I'd seen turning lovely colors.  So, off we went to see what we could find.  There is a long line of trees near Mt. Hood Community College that is always stunning.. this is them.  I believe they are Sweet Gum trees.

I spied this Maple in a parking lot.  It's kind of bronze.

More beautiful color on Stark Street.


And gold.

We got the car washed, filled the gas tank, went out for Chinese lunch and bought a bag of dog food.... this is that line of Sweet Gum on our way home.  What's neat about these trees is they turn ALL the colors.. not just one.  Green, yellow, orange, red and even purple leaves.  Amazing.

I turned the corner and we pulled off the road and Dayle snapped some shots for me of the sun illuminating the leaves.

Oh so pretty..

Each tree a different shade of fall.



Our Vine Maples in our woods are not at their peak color as yet.

I just got some fresh air and walked down to our pasture as I'd spotted some color on our pear trees.. and yes, it's turning colors!

There are 3 pear trees left in our pasture, I believe that there was an orchard of them at one time here in the days of yore.

A snap of the Sandy River as we came home yesterday afternoon. The water level certainly is low.

I popped into Pier One Imports yesterday hoping to find some fall colored candles and I found just the right thing!  I look forward to lighting candles in the evening during the darkening Autumn days.  I got in a bit of trouble with Kristi.. she said I have enough candles!  But not in these colors!  LOL!

I will be working on my Treasurer's report for the Portland Women's Forum today.  The meeting is tomorrow.  I'm avoiding the gym today as it's an open house where everyone can bring their friends and family and I was worried that the pool would be a zoo.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  :-)  I hope you're having a wonderful week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fiber Fest and Dahlias and Red Moon

Hello!  We visited the Swan Island Dahlia Farm on Saturday - such gorgeous blooms!  I just loved this shot with the blue sky behind with the puffy clouds.  

Our first stop was the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF) held in Canby, Oregon.  As we strolled into the festival we enjoyed seeing all the ladies spinning and chatting in the center grassy area.

As we entered the main pavilion building we saw an elderly woman and her amazing spinning wheel in the shape of a burning phoenix.  

There is an amazing array of yarn, ready to spin roving and spinning tools.

I was amazed at this fine angora yarn knitted into a shawl.  Wow.

I met up with 3 other local bloggers, first was Becky but I have lost that photo!  Then Taci on the right, then Kathy joined us on the left.  We only got to chat for a bit but it was fun to see them.  

Rovings of wool and alpaca in all colors of the rainbow.

Which one do you want?

Oh how I wanted this Fall colored basket.. only $25... but I have enough baskets.. I have enough baskets..... 

No, Teresa.. you don't need more.. 

Kathy walked with me over to the animal tent and we watched these two showing their Angora goats.

I fell in love with this little flock of cute sheep.. with felted coats with cute designs. These were quite dear in price, but I found a simpler one to come home with me.  But just look at their cute smiling faces1

Here is the talented lady named Karen who makes the sheep.. LionGate, her Etsy shop and her website.

I think this is a Jacob Sheep.. I think he's terribly handsome.

And of course there were some Alpaca there.. is he cute or what?

His pals.

If I had to choose, this boy would live here with me.. he was grey with white and black spots and a cream face.  Oh you sweet thing!

With my cute little sheep in a bag and honey with a bag of Kettle Korn we headed off to our next destination - the dahlia farm.  

I snapped several images of flowers of all colors and sizes.. want to see?  

There is a pretty fountain there with granite columns where you can sit and enjoy the flowers, which I did.  And the sky and clouds.. joy.

Which of these flowers would you like growing in your garden?  I am choosing the spidery bright yellow one.  You?

When I took the little sheep out of the bag to admire him.. Buddy seemed to find that he smelled quite interestingly.  :-)

Do you see how cute the face is?  It's eyes are closed, nose in the air and a big smile on her face.  I picked one with a spotted fleece of white and grey wool.  The legs and feet are made of rusty horse shoe nails.

I think my new sheep looks good with my two old fashioned sheep.  I thought of my blog friend Meredith when I got this one.  :-)

I drove up to Portland Women's Forum last night to try to get a photo of the eclipse and "blood moon" that was forecast.  It was like a zoo up there with people parking alongside the road going both ways for a 1/2 mile and the parking was totally jam packed.. so I drove back to the Corbett School lot and tried to get some shots.  It. Was. Not. Easy.  My camera just couldn't get enough light off the moon to get a good shot.. so this was all I got.  

Right before I went to bed I went out and got a shot of the "Super" moon.  So pretty.  But not red or in eclipse!  :-)

Did you see the eclipse?  Now I have to talk myself into going swimming.  Hmmm.  I hope you have a super week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)