Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pool, Big Rock, Dam and a Waffle Cone

Dayle and I took our grandsons to Bonneville Hot Springs yesterday - I wanted my husband to try out the pool and the boys love to swim, so off we went.  We had a quick lunch in the restaurant and then I showed the boys the beautiful garden, another huge Magnolia was in bloom so I got a photo of it.  

They had special ketchup made in Portland, Caleb is a ketchup connoisseur and he deemed it good.  He in fact said, "It tastes like salsa but is a very good ketchup."  I had to snap a photo and Caleb photobombed it which made it even better.  Hayden is enjoying watching us.

Grandpa and the boys.

The boys were very good in the pool.. we asked them to have fun quietly as there was an older gentleman asleep in a lounge chair.  :-)  I got to do my lap swimming and Dayle kept an eagle eye on the boys who were practicing their swimming skills.  I also had fun playing in the wonderful mineral water with the boys, getting some nice watery hugs and spinning them around.

After we left the hot springs we drove a short distance to Beacon Rock State Park - I found a great spot for snapping a quick photo - down at the boat ramp.

Beacon Rock is the core of an ancient volcano.  There is a trail to the top.. want to climb it?  Me either.  LOL!

There was the most wonderful boat tied up at the dock, a "Nordic Tug", believe it or not, this is my dream boat right now.  It's got lots of room below and enclosed pilothouse.  

This is a beautiful park but every time I've been here only a few people are enjoying it.  Kind of neat that it's so quiet.  Well, once a long time ago when we had our sailboat moored in Cascade Locks, we went through the locks of Bonneville Dam to tied up at Beacon Rock and it was full of sailors from Portland Yacht Club and it was a busy time down on the docks.  

We then drove on east and turned into a road to see the Bonneville Dam spillway.

Here you can see all the electric towers that send the power generated by the dam on to the customers who use it.

Next stop?  Cascade Locks and the East Wind Drive-In.. chocolate soft-serve in a waffle cone.  

Then down to the playground at Cascade Locks Marine Park -- our boys are getting so big!  Grandpa watches them have fun sitting on the picnic bench.

Then the 25 minute drive on home.  I really do appreciate the beautiful place where we live.  A question - do you have something neat within 25 miles of your house?  Tell us!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Fruits of Summer

Are you enjoying some summer fruit?  We are!  Kristi's sister ordered some fruit from this place and so she ordered some.  Here are Travis' favorite, Rainier cherries.  They are delicious.  

We have 4 different varieties of apples, blueberries, green beans, 2 kinds of cherries and 7 pineapples!  I know you're wondering how we're going to eat all of this, but Kristi has been delivering gift bags of things to 3 families of friends.

Wonderful blueberries.

Golden Delicious, Fuji, Pink Lady and Granny Smith.

Can't wait to make green beans with onions and bacon.  

Bing cherries.. we used to call them Black Cherries.  We lived in a house once in McMinnville where a large tree of these grew next to the garage.. we climbed up onto the roof and ate these until we were full.  :-)

Can't wait to cut into one of these juicy pineapples.

Are you having a fruity summer?  :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Blanket Building, New Flowers and a B-25

Hello!  I thought it was about time that I show how I'm coming along with my Flowers in the Snow blanket.  As you can see, I've been too busy with other things to put much time in this project, but the wonderful thing about this blanket is that if you sew in the ends as you go (which I HIGHLY recommend) you can actually use the blanket in between growth spurts.  Right now I'm admiring it as it's laid over the back of the leather chair in our den.  

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls with my friend Shirley yesterday so I grabbed some of my favorite colors and put them in this basket which is smaller than the one where I keep ALL my colors for this project.  I was able to make 3 new flowers.  I can't tell you how many people complimented on my crocheted flowers, so I would grab my iPhone and show them a photo of the blanket and they'd get more excited by it.  I do my part by crocheting in public.  :-)  Shirley also would pull my white alpaca shawl out to show those who were interested and I'd make them guess what it was made of.. no one could guess but were very excited to see how it looks and feels.

Well, full disclosure... the grey, blue and mint green one was done, and the centers of the other two were done but I got them finished.

I stepped outside to see how the downpour of rain yesterday had effected the flowers.. and found a pretty Dahlia opening up.  

Kristi surprised me with this cute little tabletop garden sculpture, the boys helped her set it up out of the box.  I love it!

A cute little boy and girl are bringing bales of straw for the animals.  

Kristi also found some new hanging baskets and brought them home.. 2 different varieties of one of my favorite plants, Lantana.  This is the yellow and orange one, the buds start out pink.

This is the pastel version of it.. it's peachy and yellow and pink colored.

It rained the whole afternoon when we were volunteering in the Visitors Center - people were coming in just dripping with water.. this man walked in and his "hat" just cracked me up.  

I had to show you something.. the other day Dayle and I heard a massively loud engine and the house even rumbled.  Travis came in and I said "WHAT was THAT?" and he showed me this photo of a World War II B-25 bomber that he captured flying right over the treetops of our house.  Amazing, huh?

I did a google search and found out that you can actually pay (quite a bit) of money to fly in one of these out of the Troutdale Airport.  I hope it flies over again when I'm outside!  Any excitement at your house lately?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hot Springs and Farm Boys

Hi there, thanks for dropping by for a visit.  Would you like to hear about Gracie's and my visit to Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa in North Bonneville on the Washington side?  You would?  OK!  Well, first I had to show you the wonderful swimming pool.  Gracie said it was the best swim of her life! I must say as I descended into the water it felt perfect.  Not too cool, not too warm.. perfect.  We paddled back and forth for an hour and it went too fast.  Now I want to take Dayle and the boys there soon, maybe Monday.  It was divine.

When we arrived at the resort, we went directly to the Pacific Crest Dining Room for lunch.  It's wonderful there, a wall of windows makes you feel you're in the forest.. the hotel is U-shaped and there is a beautifully landscaped garden in the center.  There is a creek running through it and several fountains spewing from granite columns.  Along the south side of the garden is a long rock wall that has a cascade of water falling off of the entire length of it.  

After lunch and our swim, we relaxed in the garden and I walked about to take some photos.  I was thrilled to find a creamy white Magnolia blossom there.

One of the granite column fountains and the beautifully planted garden.

It was fun to see some flowering variegated Yucca there.

The exterior of the hotel is rather unassuming, but when you enter the lobby you are bowled over by the soaring ceiling and the massive rock fireplace in the center.  It is so comfortable and welcoming.

A small fire flickered in the fireplace.

The chairs are so comfortable.. you could almost close your eyes and take a nap.  LOL!

A bronze sculpture of a Bald Eagle sits on the mantle watching over you.

As we exited the hotel there is a large water feature to your left with a bronze sculpture of a pair of battling Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep on the side.

These can be found in the Columbia River Gorge.

Then we drove on to Stevenson, Washington where we picked up some refreshments at the Little Viking Drive-In and then drove down to this scenic spot to enjoy watching the river and the wind-surfers for a while.

This log cabin can be rented - Gracie said she'd love to stay there sometime.  Who wouldn't?

Next to the cabin in a park area is this wonderful art piece.. it moves in the wind with colored glass in it.. a fun thing to watch.

I noticed that our wild cherry tree is full of bright red cherries, it's a huge tree and the birds enjoy the feast.  Some people even call these "bird cherry" trees as they are the result of birds eating them in one spot and "depositing" the seeds in another spot. Ahem.  

The apples are growing larger too.

When Travis got home from work, he and the boys had a picnic out in the yard on a bunch of blankets.  Then our son decided to do a little blackberry eradication.. and gave the old machete to the boys and taught them how to use it.  Picture grandma with her eyes open very big and going "blink blink blink" when she saw this photo.  

THEN.. he taught them how to use the gas powered Weed Eater.. as you can see by the blackberries behind the wood shed.. it's a constant battle to keep them at bay here.  It's said that if everyone left Oregon for a few years they'd come back and find the whole state engulfed in these invasive non-native Himalayan blackberries.

Hayden is taking a turn at machete wielding.  He's swinging it so fast it's a blur.

How is your week going?  I'm off to swim soon at our regular pool.. but oh how it's tempting to go back to Bonneville.  Soon.  Have a super day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Moon, Flowers and Hummers

Hello!  Did you have a good weekend?  We didn't go anywhere, but relaxed and enjoyed the family.  I did get my zoom problem fixed a bit, but to be honest, this camera does not have the zoom capabilities that I thought it was going to have.  Worse is that it doesn't zoom any better than my little pocket Lumix!  BUT.. the quality of the photos is better for normal photography, so that's good.  I've been waiting for a pretty moon to experiment on and that happened on Saturday night.  Here it is.  I had to crop it to get this image - same as my little camera.  But it's still pretty.

And for flower photos on my deck.. it's really knocking it out of the park.  These are lilies that Kristi planted in pots and we have them all around the deck.  The name of them is "Halloween".  :-)

The big flower basket is thriving and the Jasmine is perfuming the air beautifully.

What an amazing aroma!

I think this is the earliest that my hydrangea has bloomed and turned purple.  

I love how the buds are lime green and then as they open turn purple.  Makes me want to crochet something in these two colors.

The purple Astilbe is opening.. love this plant that comes back faithfully every year.  They come in blue, pink, red and white.. must get more.  :-)

And speaking of reliable.. the Rose Campion self-seeds and is all over the place and you know what?  Doesn't bother me!  :-)

I pulled a chair up near the hummingbird feeder and sat down to wait for them to come for some nectar... I'm stealthy like that.. and enjoyed looking up into the huge Pin Oak.. against the blue sky and clouds.. 

While I waited for the hummingbirds to get brave enough to come to the feeder with me sitting 4 feet away.. I zoomed in on these flowers which also came back from last year.  

And this pretty little "Million Bell".. a small variety of petunia.

My metal basket of succulents is happy on the deck, in fact the spiky one in the center has sent up a flower spike.. won't it be fun to see what kind of flower it has?  And I love the one on the left that looks like "baby toes".. and the jade plant on the bottom right.. 

Our big pot of mixed flowers.

My patience paid off.  They finally decided that they wanted to eat even if the woman in a yellow shirt was sitting there in wait for them.  You can hear them coming... their wings beat about 70 times per second and 200 times during diving.  So, when they come you hear a whir of their wings and they chirp a cute little sound.

Buzzz.. whirrrr.. 

He's keeping an eye on me.  :-)

Wow.. this image is sharp.. look at his beak.. and the tail feathers.. and the fuzzy feathers by his legs.. 

And from this tiny bird.. I heard a roar overhead.. and captured a very large bird.  :-)

Today is a new adventure.  Gracie and I are going to go to the Bonneville Hot Springs to swim in their mineral water pool.  Shall I take a photo to share?  Yes?  Ohhhh.. ok.. if you insist.  Have a wonderful day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)