Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Red Sky at Night is a Sailor's Delight

Hello my friends!  I'm on an adventure at the coast.  My friend Sally has been so dedicated as the volunteer coordinator for the Friends of Vista House and just retired.  She gave so much of herself over the years that all the volunteers pitched in to pay for a getaway for her and asked me to take her.  We talked about what she wanted to do and she picked a visit to the Oregon beaches.  I was so surprised to hear that she hasn't been to the coast for over 20 years!  So, we headed out yesterday morning and headed to Cannon Beach.  My sister Roberta even drove over and met us for lunch!  We went to my favorite restaurant, and this is the view from our table!  The Wayfarer Restaurant.

I had beer battered halibut fish and chips and Sally and Roberta had beer battered prawns.  Our lunches were divine.. and with this view!  

This view is right from our table.. in nice weather they have tables and chairs on the lawn here.

After lunch we visited my favorite antique shop - I bought two little packets of antique mother-of-pearl buttons, one was full of tiny baby buttons.. I'll show you those later.

There are wonderful things here, I encouraged my sister to buy an antique brown bottle in the shape of a fish which had held castor oil.  She has a house on Fish Hawk Lake and I thought she needed a fish bottle for their decor there.  :-)

Sally and I headed on south and bid my sister Roberta adieu.  This is the view of Haystack Rock from the southern side at Tolavana park.  I spied something out there on an island, do you see it?

So, I zoomed in a bit and saw there is an old lighthouse out there.  

So, when I was uploading my photos from my media card last night, I googled what lighthouse was off Cannon Beach and it's called Tillamook Head Light. (Click on the link to find out some interesting history of the lighthouse.)  Be sure to read the bottom part for a spooky weird story!  

It's fun to see Haystack Rock from the north and then from the south.

It was cloudy but dry and we enjoyed watching the ocean and the sky.

We drove south down the coast with a stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and then on down to our hotel in Newport.  I pulled off the road to snap a photo of the sunset just north of our destination.  What a pretty red sunset!

I love how the clouds are backlit by the rosy glow of the sun.

Goodnight sunshine!

We both have our own rooms but with an adjoining door - so after a nice quiet night for each of us we are sitting by the fire in my room watching the ocean waves.  We made our own coffee and had a cinnamon roll that we got at the restaurant last night.  Pretty soon we'll head off to find lunch and do some adventuring.  I am going to take Sally to see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and down to the Historic Bay Front and who knows what else?  I guess we'll soon find out!  I hope you're having a wonderful week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alpaca Farm, Sweet Wendy and Black Moon

I do love an adventure.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day, sunny and warm, that I talked my husband into a drive up the gorge to find a place for lunch and enjoy the day.  We even saw a Bald Eagle flying over the river, big white head and white tail.. what a joyful sight!  We cruised up the Columbia River to Hood River and had lunch at the Riverside Restaurant.  I then thought of an alpaca farm I'd heard about and my husband (dear man that he is) agreed to go visit.  I think I had alpacas in my mind as my blog friend Meredith visited an alpaca farm recently.  :-)  I called the place and the owner said he'd look for us.  We followed the signs 10 miles from the restaurant and wound up the side of a hill and eventually found the place.  Oh my goodness.. look at this darling face!  I'm in love!

Here is Jonathan, the owner of Foothills Yarn & Fiber.  What a nice man!  He showed us his favorite spinning wheel, showed us his wools and one whole side of all alpaca yarns, bags of alpaca prepared for spinning, etc.  

A very pretty and tidy shop with so many enticements!

There were several sweaters all knitted up to see.  I love the swift all set up to use.  They offer classes too!

I thought all of you who have been knitting and crocheting cowls would get a kick out of this book and it's name.  Sorry the image is a bit blurred.

Dyed roving ready to spin.  

This whole wall was alpaca yarn from bulky to fine lace and sock weights.

I bought two skeins of yarn.. will show you in a bit.. then we went outside to meet the herd.  

One of the youngest of the herd.. ohhh.. wot a tweetie pie!  How cute are these darlings?  Another thing I noticed, they are very quiet creatures and very sweet.

The herd down the road were all white.

We assumed that this regal creature was the "Herdsire, stud or macho".  (ETA - this is a guard llama watching over the herd of alpaca - thanks, Meredith!)

On down the road I rolled my window down and chatted with these two nice ladies who were out riding their horses.  I asked them if I could share this photo with people all over the world and they said yes.  :-)

I snapped this sweet little farm further on down the road.

By the time we headed home, it was time for an ice cream.. :-)  The East Wind Drive-In at Cascade Locks.

Dayle held both ice creams while I drove down to our new little photo spot under the Bridge of the Gods.  There we watched the changing colors of the clouds while we enjoyed our chocolate ice cream.

I like a waffle cone and he likes a sugar cone.  Can you believe that he ordered a "baby" size and I got a "small"?  :-)

Lick, lick.. ohhh look at that cloud.. lick, lick.. mmmmm.

I love how the sun glows on the cliffs.

Turning to the right of where we were enjoying the view from our car, you can see the bridge and the interesting paintings down the support column, a Bald Eagle, Wolf, Bear, Cougar and a man.  

This morning I took some photos of the yarn I got.  I *LOVE* the colors in this skein!  Wouldn't this make a lovely scarf?  Or hat?  What would YOU make with this?

The name of this skein is "Marionberry".  :-)

I also got a HUGE skein of natural white spun up so beautifully.  I can make a whole shawl out of this.. which is what I plan to do.  Now I need to find a suitably lacy pattern to use.  I will crochet it.  

Luscious, isn't it?

And I am excited to show you the aMAYzing gift I received from Wendy in Australia from the blog called Ruff's Adventures.  I've gotten to know Wendy over the last year or so by reading her blog and corresponding with her.  She's a great adventurer, devoted partner, mother, grandmother and daughter.  She is a crocheter and sock knitter.  She loves trains, too!  So, I was full of joy and appreciation when I opened the package and she had sent me this fabulous pair of wrist warmers that she crocheted herself and they JINGLE with cute little bells on them.  Isn't that the nicest thing ever?  I love them!

And then.. I was beyond touched when she was given these knitting needles from her very own mum.. and she sent them to ME!  What a dear and wonderful thing to do!  I adore them and will treasure them forever!  Thank you, Wendy!  

I continue to love love love these faux tortoise shell knitting needles, the colors are so beautiful.  I can't wait to knit up something pretty on these!

Oh.. and I had to show you the beautiful iced tea we were served at the restaurant for lunch.. and the wonderful server gave me these two tea bags when I raved about the flavor of the tea.  He also told me that the tea maker is in Portland and makes the very finest tea - so I am going to check out his website and see what I can see.  And I am going to have myself a hot cup of tea today.  :-)

My day just kept being fabulous when I got a text from Pammy Sue, my blog friend from Scotty's Place blog, who lives in Texas, and she reminded me to check out the "Black Moon" last night.  SO, I put my shoes on and went out with my camera and captured this image.  Isn't it fun?

I also asked my son Travis to try getting a photo of it and was super pleased with this image he captured.  I knew his camera had a better zoom than mine and just love his shot.  Mine has a 30 zoom and his has a 50 zoom.  A black moon is when the moon is mostly in shadow but just a sliver of the moon shows on the edge.  

Well.. I had a lot to share, didn't I?  LOL!  We are having another brilliantly sunny day, I don't see a cloud.  I'm trying to talk hubby into another outing.. do you think I'll be successful?  We'll soon find out!  I hope your day is a wonderful one.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Blanket, Sweet Susan and New Yarn

Hello my friends!  Since finishing up 10 baby hats for Brazil, I shopped around in my home "LYS - Little Yarn Shop" and found a project I started that was sidelined when I made the "little boy blanket" for Caleb.  I am using KnitPicks 100% cotton "Billow" yarn and Lucy from Attic24 blog's neat ripple pattern with the interlocking colors she created.  Thanks, Lucy, for inspiring me once again!  Her free patterns are on her sidebar.

This yarn is unique, feels like handspun, is soft and thick and thin.  Making a very rustic blanket.  

I wish you could feel this.. just yummy!

Now.. the postman brought me the prettiest package the other day.. imagine my delight when I saw this pink polka dotted package from across the pond in jolly old England!  Dear Susan - from Mary Jane's Tea Room blog sent me this amazingly generous gift.  I had sent Susan one of my Valentines and crocheted heart and she sent this to me.  Please do visit Susan's blog - she makes the most amazing knitted creatures and sells kits and patterns.  I am not sure I have the skills to make one of her delightful dolls, but I am going to order a kit and give it a go.  Thank you SO much, Susan!!

The yarn she sent are all cotton blends and sumptuous Rowan yarns.  Perfect for one of her little creatures!

A Cath Kidston travel sewing kit and a card of fabric covered buttons all tied up in a pretty pink cotton lace ribbon.  JOY!

I am going to treasure this forever!  And of course, will use it a lot!  I don't have a measuring tape, now I do! :-)

A handwritten note... I love seeing Susan's handwriting.. so pretty.  Blogging has certainly enriched my life, the new friends around the world just thrills me.

I can't wait to use some of these on a project.  Thanks again, Susan, you are just a darling!

In other news.. I kind of went overboard when I put in an order for some new cotton yarn.  A rather large box arrived.. seems I had to spend a certain amount to get free shipping.. seems as if that might have been kind of folly.. next time I might buy less and pay the shipping.  LOL!  But.. this will not go to waste, as you know.  I think I got a dozen each of the 2 natural colors to make classy wash cloths as gifts.. yeh, that's the ticket.. for gifts!  How nice of me!  :-)  Just to show you how thrifty I am, these skeins only cost $1.49 each.  ::grin::

And I had to show you the adorable Valentine's card that my daughter and 2 granddaughters sent to me.  Isn't this cute?  Do you see the Teddy Bear face made of flowers?  LOVE!  Oh, and I found this Jadeite salt shaker at the antique mall in Troutdale last week.  

Dayle and I went out to Red Lobster for lunch yesterday and then headed to Costco to pick up some new glasses I'd ordered there plus some groceries.. and on the drive home up the Sandy River I saw a wild cherry tree in bloom along the banks of the rushing cold river.  

I told Dayle.. I'm turning around and going back.. and he goes.. you're not.. and I go.. yes I am!  :-D  I'd taken my LUMIX camera with me and so I was able to get these images.  I've never in my long life seen Spring come this early.  And the happy news is although we had a few cloudy days and some rain yesterday, the sunny warm weather is expected to return tomorrow!

I just walked out to the end of our driveway to capture these images of my Star Magnolia which is covered with buds and opening flowers.  Isn't it pretty?

I adore the big fuzzy pods from which the blooms emerge.  

Even the koi and pond fish are enjoying the fair weather.

Buddy asked me to tell you all hello.  :-)

My darling younger sister Denise is on vacation in New Zealand with her husband and a travel buddy of theirs.  She sent this cute selfie of her in front of a big bay (which I can't remember the name of).  

I will be off on an adventure next week.  I will tell you more about it soon.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  We don't really, but that doesn't mean that we won't find some mischief to get into.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)