Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dayle's Fish and Flower Garden

Hello!  Yesterday our son Travis and Ernie, his friend from work, took Dayle and the boys fishing on Ernie's boat.  They went to a lake in Washington and look what Dayle reeled in!  A nice Steelhead.  We're having it for dinner tonight.  Doesn't he look proud?  :-)

I am thrilled with our Stargazer Lily plants.  Goodness, they get huge!  I never imagined that we could grow such exotic and lovely flowers in pots on our farm.

Dayle brought in the first one to bloom for me to enjoy.  The perfume from these flowers is quite literally amazing.  

My beloved 4th of July rose is on it's second big bloom, it really produces well all season.

My succulent basket keeps doing so well.. I wonder if I'll be able to carry it over to next year?  

The pond and waterfall and garden around it are lush with midsummer growth.  Such a nice place to enjoy from the chairs on the deck.

The basket of Moss Roses is filling out.. I just love them.

A close up of a Moss Rose.. aren't they sweet?  They are only about the diameter of a silver dollar.

Here is one of Dayle's successes of his wintering over endeavors.  This is the 3rd or 4th year he's kept this Bolivian Begonia coming back.

The flower basket that Kristi and Travis got me for Mother's Day is doing fantastic, and the Jasmine perfumes the air.  

I am heading to the pool this afternoon for my lap swimming.  Tomorrow I volunteer at Multnomah Falls.  The weather is predicted to get very hot the next few days.  I hope you're having a good summer where you are!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Garden Party, New Cousin and Maiden Voyage

Goodness, what a busy weekend!  On Saturday I drove my two sisters to a baby shower for my niece who is expecting her first baby, a girl.  :-)  It was up in the hills and countryside of Corvallis, OR.  It was at a friend's house with a lovely yard and the temperature was perfect in the shade.  They had some fun games and then we enjoyed watching her open all the thoughtful gifts.  Her sister was there with her darling baby girl, her sister-in-law also was there who is expecting her 3rd child next month, too.  Such a nice party.

My niece Jessica on the right loved the little hat and booties that I made for her and her best friend Emily loved the little hat I made for her baby that she brought to the shower.

My younger sister Denise made several fun things, blankets and this adorable bunting to hang in the baby's room.

My sister-in-law D'Ann was chilly in the shade, so I gave her my shawl to warm her and she wrapped her sweet granddaughter up with her.

The girls and the baby.  

A diaper cake.. those are so cute and useful! :-)  My other niece Johanna planned the party, that is her sweet baby girl in this photo.

After the shower we met up with a new-found cousin!  Quite the story - I had my DNA tested and when I visited the webpage recently there was a note that gave me a few possible relatives that had used the same company - it gave me the opportunity to click on a link to email the person so I did.  I got a note back telling me that her grandfather was my dad's brother!  She said she lived in Corvallis, so I suggested we meet for coffee after the shower, so we did - my brother even joined us (all four of us siblings).  We found we had so much in common!  It was a wonderful time.

Yesterday when our son got home from work at 3:00 pm, we gathered things together and Kristi packed a picnic and we headed off for the maiden voyage of our new boat.  We drove to Chinook Landing to launch and were disappointed to see the parking lot was full and it was completely crowded!  So, we decided to drive to Cascade Locks to see if the boat launch there had space.  We were pleased that it had plenty of space for us.  We launched the boat and here is my first photo as we started our first cruise - the Bridge of the Gods spanning the river between Oregon and Washington.

The boys were enjoying themselves and so were Dayle and Kristi.  Travis was at the helm and I was in the passenger seat.

Travis gave Kristi a lesson on being skipper of the boat.

Grandpa helping Caleb with his life jacket.

I snapped the front of a big barge going downriver.

And the big tugboat pushing the barge.

This is Wind Mountain, on the Washington side, I climbed to the top of this mountain when I was about 10 years old while in Girl Scouts at camp there. 

Heading upriver.

From the middle of the river Travis noticed a park and boat ramp I didn't know was there, so we decided to take the boat into the dock there and let the boys swim and have our picnic dinner.

Kristi was resting her sore foot which she'd had surgery on a few months ago.  I'm waving at you from the boat.  

The boys couldn't wait to get in the water for a swim.



After a picnic of deli sandwiches, macaroni salad, fruit ambrosia salad, chips, grapes and fig bars, we all got onboard and headed out to the river and a nice cruise back to Cascade Locks.  Wind Mountain again.

Travis gave each of the boys a chance to be captain of the boat.

Enjoying the day.

Hayden getting his navigation lesson.

The Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge is so scenic with the big rugged cliffs.

A great first day on the river in our little C-Dory!  

Now to wonder where the next place we'll go on the boat!  What a busy weekend!  I hope you're enjoying your summer, it goes by way too fast!  August is almost upon us!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Sea Trial

Hello my friends!  My goodness, we had a couple of busy days with a long time on the road!  Are you up for a story?  OK, here goes.  We had a sailboat for a long time and I loved being on the water.  We sold it a while back and since then we've been looking for a power boat on which we could cruise on the Columbia River and haul to lakes and to the Pacific Ocean for crabbing and fishing.  

Dayle has been looking at boats for a long time online - and I was interesting in a salty little design called a "C-Dory".  He finally found one that we decided to go look at in Klamath Falls which is a 5+ hour drive from here.  We picked up our son from work when he got off at 2:45, headed south.  One of our truck windows wouldn't roll up, so we had to turn around and find a Dodge dealer who worked us in at the service dept and got it rolled up.  We then headed south to Eugene and west to Hwy 97 and south to K Falls.  We booked 2 hotel rooms for the night, then got up and had a quick breakfast and headed to the home of the man selling the boat.  Here it is.

The guys climbed aboard and got a total introduction via the owner.  I took a few photos.  The boat was built in 2008.

It's got "twin screws" - 2 50 HP Honda motors.

The very nice owner Mike giving the guys a tour of the cabin and all the numerous electronics.

Finally we got to the "sea trial" - we followed Mike to the boat ramp on Klamath Lake and proceeded to launch the boat off the trailer.

Mike got the boat out into the lake and handed over the controls to our son Travis.  He put it through it's paces.  Fast, slower, circles.. :-)  Dayle then did his test.. and I even took the helm for my own testing.  :-)  We deemed it a winner.  See all the electronics?  There is a radar, sonar, GPS, mapping/plotter, fish finder, two radios, etc.  Also a crab pot puller, down-riggers, pole holders, fish bag, fish box, life-raft with EPIRB, etc.  

We opened the 3 cabin windows and let the fresh air blow through and I enjoyed the cruise upon the water on a sunny day.

I snapped a shot of the V-berth where you can sleep, it's now full of boat things.

The radios.

There was a neat island in the lake.

And this is why I wanted a boat again.. being out on the water is a wonderful thing.

I waited in the truck while the guys loaded the boat back on the trailer and was happy to get a visitor.. he cracked me up.. he kept sliding down the hood and scrambling back up to look at me.  :-)

Hello?  Got anything to eat?  Anything?  Crackers?  

Then back to Mike's house where I waited patiently (in the hot truck :-) while the guys negotiated and finally came to an agreement and funds were exchanged and a title handed over, the boat was hooked up and goodbyes were said.  

This was the view in our side view mirror as we headed north to home.

We drove through the high desert of Oregon, through Bend, Redmond, Madras and then headed west past Warm Springs on Hwy 26 over Mt. Hood.

I managed to snap this photo of Mt. Hood through the windshield going 65 mph with my iPhone!  LOL!

It was a 289 mile, 5 hr and 29 min drive home.  And then you have to include a dinner stop, rest stop and gassing up the boat which added 2 more hours to the trip.  

When we got home at 9:45 pm the boys climbed up inside the cabin of the boat and Travis showed them around.  Caleb said this (really!) -- "This is the most technologically advanced boat I've ever seen."  LOL! All ready to go and guess what happened?  It clouded up and started to rain overnight and it's still cloudy.  We'd planned on taking the boys out on the water today.  ::sigh:: I'm looking forward to sharing some neat photos of the Columbia River.. from the water... soon.  I hope you have a great weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)