Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween by the Sea

Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate this holiday!  This is the first time in my memory that we haven't been home or close to home on this day.  I want to wish my beloved younger sister DENISE a Happy Birthday today!  I took my bouquet of chrysanthemum in my rusty pumpkin bucket out for a photo shoot.  :-)

On Wednesday, my sister Denise arrived for a visit and so did my "Best-Friend-From-7th-Grade" Shirley and her husband John.  We all visited in the caravan for a while, then headed out for lunch together.  Buddy enjoyed having new laps to sit on.  :-)

This was our lunch destination, I'd been wanting to try it for years.  It's located right across from the fishing boat harbor, the fish here is *fresh*!

Shirley, John and Denise.  We had a fun lunch!

I had coconut prawns with yakisoba noodle and veggies.  Yum.

After lunch we took a walk along the boardwalk by the fishing boat harbor, we heard a bunch of sea lions barking and wanted to get a closer look.  Denise fell in love with this cute little boat and urged me to get a photo.

Aha, the source of all the noise.. a sea wall of large boulders was covered with sea lions.  Orrr Orrr Orrr!

Then a loop around to get a shot of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.. if you've been a reader of this blog for a while, you may recognize some of the next photos.  But if you're like me.. and I think you might be.. you won't mind seeing them again.  LOL!

The sea, the jetty, some dunes and the tortured trees of an ocean hillside.

Some history for you - if you want to see this image bigger, just click on it.

They have a pull-out in a perfect spot for a great photo of Yaquina Bay Bridge - I love how there is fog on the other end of the span.

Driving around and under the bridge we come to the attractive US Coast Guard Station that keeps an eye on the bay and ocean here.  

Curving down in the the Historic Bay Front where Mo's began.  

And then down to the fishing boat yard for one of my favorite snaps of the bridge and the boats.

There were many fishermen in the yard working on getting their crab traps ready for the season which begins in a month.  I love those colorful buoys!

Denise and I walked down to another gathering spot of the sea lions, on some docks near the boardwalk.  It is funny to watch them.  One had his head on another one and he kept rubbing his head along the one underneath, who every few minutes would arch up and growl and bark at him, then lay back down, at which point the one on top would begin rubbing his head on the other one.. and on and on.  Goofy creatures.  This one was blissfully swimming about.

A photo of the sea lions on the rocks from the other side.  Orrk orrrk oorrrk!

Denise spent the night on Wednesday at the Looking Glass Inn in Taft, then came to visit for a while and then we all took off for lunch and adventuring.  We drove back down to Newport and had intended to try a new place called "Saffron Salmon" in the old bay front - but it was closed.. so we walked across the street and had lunch at Ocean Bleu.  Then we browsed in an art gallery next door and then on to a quilt shop and... and some ice cream.  :-)  We then drove through a charming small community right next to our RV park called Bella Beach.  Denise showed us a cute little coffee house and bakery that we didn't even know was there!  I loved this group of different colored houses in a row.

I'm working away on the little hat for Ella, my nephew's adorable little girl.  I hope to drop it off before we leave for home.

Today is **BEAUTIFUL**, with sun and blue skies and puffy clouds and a shower and then sun.. wonderful crazy gorgeous Oregon ocean weather.  :-)

To the left, clouds, to the right, sun.. and the wonderful blue green Pacific Ocean.

To the sea...

Last night we met some of our friends from the Friends of Multnomah Falls, Joanne and Dan, they were down for a beach trip too and so we had dinner at Surfrider Hotel.  They have a great view and the food was delish.  We chatted and enjoyed each other's company for quite some time.  We've had so much fun with friends and family this week!  Today we're just relaxing and I'm going to work on that little hat, then off to find a bowl of chowder somewhere.  I wonder if we'll get any trick-or-treaters here?  Home tomorrow.  What a neat week!  I hope you have a great weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Pacific Ocean and Gray Sea

Hello my friends.. thanks for stopping in to join in our week by the sea.  My blog friend Gracie drove down on Monday so we joined her for lunch at Mo's Famous Clam Chowder at Taft.  The Siletz Bay is beautiful, and has this set of rocks with little trees on them that I'm fascinated by.

Mo's is an institution at the Oregon Coast.. she first started a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe down in Newport, Oregon.  The locals, fishermen and travelers crowded in around family style tables and Mo kept them happy with buttery and fresh made clam chowder and fish and chips.  Now there are several Mo's up and down the coast.

After a satisfying lunch and good times visiting, we parted ways so Gracie could go check in to her seaside hotel room and we headed back to our caravan.  We would meet again the following day for visiting here at the caravan, lunch and a bit of adventuring.

As we left Mo's I snapped this image of fishermen in the bay trying to catch salmon.

We enjoyed a peaceful evening with a pastel sunset and the sound of the ocean waves.

I lit a candle in my rusty bucket jack-o-lantern and a spice scented pillar candle.  I do enjoy decorating my table for the season when we're in our caravan - it makes it so homey.

Yesterday dawned with gray everywhere... but we don't mind, we love it here no matter what the weather.  Gracie arrived for a visit in our caravan and she knitted and I crocheted and we chatted with Dayle while the surf pounded outside our door.  Then we headed to Newport, we wanted to show Gracie one of our favorite restaurants, Georgie's Grill.

Gracie eats so healthfully!  She had grilled salmon on a baby spinach salad with bacon, nuts, tomatoes with a vinaigrette dressing.  

I am naughty, I had beer battered prawns and chips.  :-)  YUM!

After lunch we took Gracie on a tour - to see Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, she got a nice shot of it, then I showed her a great place to get a super shot of Yaquina Bay Bridge, then showed her the Coast Guard Station as you enter the Historic Bay Front, I showed her where Mo's started and all the fish packing plants on the bayside and the galleries, shops, cafes, salt water taffy shops, etc. on the other side.  Then I took her down to the fishing boat harbor to show her how to get a great shot of the bridge with boats in it.  I was so busy showing things to Gracie that I didn't get any photos of my but I will get to them this week.  We bid Gracie adieu and she headed home.  Dayle and I headed towards "home", but swung in to see Yaquina Head Lighthouse.. and I was dismayed to see this.....  but hopefully by the next time we visit there will be a pretty new paint job on the place.

The sea was wild yesterday!

Shooting back towards Newport, Oregon.

This was a pretty rock formation with trees on top.

Driving north we pulled into the parking area at Depoe Bay to watch the wild waves.

The seagulls are always hoping for a treat.

Sorry, we have no goodies for you.. forgive us?

We pulled into a park and noticed a large contingent of seagulls that were taking a break on the grass.  It's hard work flying around in the storms!

Finally tucked back into our cozy caravan, a last shot of the ocean, no flaming sunset tonight!

Dayle did some shopping at the grocery store and bought me this beautiful potted plant of chrysanthemum, it brings pleasure to me.  I like that we can plant it in the farm garden.

Buddy has made a nest on a stack of my crocheted pillows so he can keep an eye on birds and other dogs in the park.  Yesterday I rode with Gracie from the restaurant and Dayle told me that Buddy had a huge hissy fit when he drove away leaving me there.  He whined, cried and yipped for most of the time I was missing.  Isn't that cute?  He was happy when I rejoined them.  My loving dog.

Well, I better get moving, my sister Denise is arriving soon and so is my friend Shirley and her husband John - we're trying out a new restaurant called Local Ocean Seafood on the Newport Bay Front.  Then some visiting and adventuring!  More later.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Birthday and the Beach

Hello.. thanks for visiting us.. in our caravan at the coast!  We celebrated Dayle's birthday on Saturday.  Our DIL Kristi made him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!  She got this fun "candle" thing for the top which was fun as after you lit the candles, it opened up while twirling around and played the music to Happy Birthday!  We were all standing around in awe!  LOL!  

This is the candle "before".  Kristi was worried as the cake slid around a bit, but we assured her that it would taste wonderful.. and to me.. a homemade cake is WAY better than store-bought.

The "candle" up close.. :-)

Caleb made a card for Grandpa of the cake with the yellow candle on top -- then he added that it was from Hayden, too.  How cute is that?

Then we sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream.  Grandpa and his boys.

We were invited to visit my nephew's home here at the coast in Newport to help celebrate their one year old daughter's 1st birthday.  So, I made a little hat using my blog friend Meredith's pattern that she used for her Little Buddy's hat.  Little Zuzu looked so cute in the hat!  I offered to make one for her 4 year old sister Ella, who told me her favorite color is PURPLE.  So, we'll be looking for some yarn today.  :-)

I was watering plants right before we pulled out yesterday to drive the 2 and a half hours to get to our favorite oceanside camping spot, and I noticed that there were 3 hibiscus flowers in bloom!  It's been very happy since I repotted it.

So, we drove over hill and dale and through the forests and got here in the mid-afternoon.  I was quite pleased at seeing some blue sky!  While Dayle was hooking everything up, I took Buddy for a walk and snapped a few images.  I loved how this looks rather stormy and the sun sparkling on the water.

To the sea... I love it so.

Interestingly, I was in the same spot taking this photo, but turned to the right, and there was blue in the sky. :-)

I spied a few Salal flowers in bloom.. the berries were valued by the local Salish Indian people, they would mash them and dry the mash to eat during the long winters.

I then saw this pretty little flower but could not find the name of it after googling for a while.  Do you know the name?  (ETA - It's called "Escallonia"!)

I love the waves of the ocean.  I can hear it roaring now.

Pretty evening shot.. 

I noticed down South of here a "blow hole" effect of the waves, so I zoomed in.

Can you believe that we awoke to blue skies and sun?  

Beach walking.

Ocean waves.

I just got a call from my blog friend Gracie, she has driven down to visit, so we're off to meet her for lunch at Mo's Chowder House in Taft.  She has rented a hotel room for the night, so we'll get to spend some time with her.  Fun!  I hope your week ahead brings you joy.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)