Monday, May 2, 2016

Kristi's Close Call and a Sad Goodbye

We got a phone call yesterday and it was Kristi.. she was driving through the backwoods from Sandy to Corbett after picking up Hayden from a sleepover at a friend's house.. and she saw a huge tree fall over the road right in front of her.  She jammed on the brakes and the tree hit the electric wires, they broke, then fell across her car, scraping along the hood then the sparking wires brushed along the side, just inches from Caleb's face, the windows being down on a beautiful day.

There were branches and leaves and debris all over her car, a motorcycle rider that had stopped cleared most of them off the car.

There are a few more dings in this old battle-scarred survivor.

Kristi's phone lost it's charge and she asked 5 people if she could borrow their cell phone to call us to come and get the boys.. they all refused until the last woman thought about it a while before she let her use it.  :-(

Look at all the scratches that the electrical cables made as they scraped across the hood of the car.  :-(

All the way across.. 

And here is the culprit for all this unhappiness.

It was amazing how many people thought it was okay to drive under this log instead of turning around and going a different route.

The only person who stayed with Kristi to help her until the authorities got there was a Reverend who is the director at Menucha.

Do you see the hanging electrical wires hanging down?  We were the first to arrive, we put the boys in my car and waited until the District 14 Fire Dept truck from Aims arrived on the South end and the Police arrived on the north side - they took a report from Kristi and then Dayle drove the Mustang with Kristi and we brought them home.  Kristi was very shaken.  To think if she was a split second later she'd have been under the log.

This all occurred in a remote area, see the moss on the trees?  It was on Gordon Creek Road and we were right near the bridge over the creek.

We want to thank the Fire Dept and Police Dept for their help.

Here is Gordon Creek which flows into the Sandy River which feeds into the Columbia River.

After resting up from the excitement we headed over to our son Shawn's house - we wanted to spend time with them as the mover comes on Tuesday to load up all their household and they drive out early Wednesday - Shawn, the two boys, 3 German Shepherds.. and a cat.  He will be driving straight through to Temecula, California.  We also celebrated Michael's 16th birthday.  Kristi made chocolate cupcakes, we sang Happy Birthday to him.  Dayle and Travis had gone to Popeye's Chicken and brought dinner for everyone.

When we arrived at Shawn's house, his three really good friends were there to visit and tell him goodbye.  The boys played with the dogs in the backyard all afternoon.  Our little grandsons are going to miss their cousins immensely.  I did okay until I asked the boys to pose with the dogs.. for one last photo.. and that's when it hit me.. they will be 1,066 miles away from now on.  16 hours of driving.  :-(  Our two older children have chosen to live near their spouse's family.  We're going to miss these guys.

I want to thank those of you who leave comments on my blog posts.  It's how you know if you're being read and appreciated.  :-)  

I hope you have a wonderful week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Last Days at the Beach and then Home

Hello!  We had three more days at the beach after my last post.  We were gifted with gorgeous weather each day!  We had one rainy night, but it cleared up the next day.  I actually think rain should happen at night and sun during the day, wouldn't that be nice?  I am fascinated by ocean waves that are backlit by the sun.. I try over and over to capture that beautiful image.. 

Each wave has their own personality.

Oh Pacific Ocean.. your blue purity makes me have hope for the future.

Dayle took Buddy on a walk down to the beach.. he came back with gifts from the sea for me.  A big agate the size of a small walnut.. another nice sized one and several tiny ones.

The second biggest one.  Such pretty honey color.

I love these little teardrop trailers.  Kind of the opposite of our big roomy caravan.  But you can pull these with little cars!  I talked to the man who had this, it was their maiden "voyage" with his new little trailer.  He said there is a full bathroom, a shower, a kitchen and a king-size bed in this!  I went to the T@B Teardrop Trailer website and was amazed at what was inside.  I wish both my sisters would get one as they'd love it.

More ocean images.. :-)

A shot from our door of our trailer.. you can see the site we like is up the hillside a bit.  You can see the trailers on the bottom level.. we used to park our trailer there but all you could see out both sides of our big picture windows was the trailers on either side.  Now we park sideways on the hillside and our view is the ocean, the sky and the far horizon!

I'm still amazed at my Lumix camera's zoom capabilities for a pocket sized camera.  I spied this fishing boat WAY out near the horizon so I zoomed in and snapped a photo not sure what I would get.  But you can see the fishermen on the back, the skipper at the helm and the name of the boat.. Eclipse.  I was happy for these guys that they had sunny days all week.. can you imagine doing this job during the winter with storms, rain and big waves?

On our last full day at the beach on Wednesday we decided to have lunch at Kyllo's which sits directly next to the "D River - Worlds Shortest River".  :-)  See the river out the window?  The river flows from Devil's Lake into the Pacific Ocean.  The lunch was delicious and I want to go back next time we're there.

After lunch we drove to the beach at Taft, a favorite of ours, a great beach for kids as it's on Siletz Bay so it's protected but you can see the ocean also.  There is a spit across the mouth of the bay and it's a safe place for seals to relax in the sun.  

When I downloaded this photo I had to laugh.. it looks like these guys are wondering why in the world I'm taking photos of them.. :-) -- hey guys.. it's the SEALS I'm interested in.. not you!

As we drove out of Taft I said.. stop!  And I zoomed in and got a snap of this wild rose.  Isn't the color of this amazing?

And of course we had to pull into this tiny little park around the corner to get my photos of these little islands in the Siletz River.. I just find them so photogenic.. :-)  Can you imagine owning that house back there in the left hand corner?

These must have names... let me check.. brb... Google failed me.  I think I will name them.. the "Three Sisters" after me and my two sisters.  :-)

Then my extremely patient husband turned and drove up the Siletz River to find my "Nurse Log".  Did you know that is what they are called?  When I put the photo of last year my blog friend Kathy told me they had a name.  What a perfect name!  This big log got stuck here and over time new trees have grown in the rotting wood.  How did the seeds get there?  Birds?  Last time I caught a Canada Goose nesting on the left end!

Then on further to get a photo of the house that was built for the movie "Sometimes a Great Notion" from the novel by Ken Kesey, starring Paul Newman, Henry Fonda and Lee Remick.  A side story is this was built for the movie and then was going to be burned.. the USFS refused to give them the burning permit as the forest was dry.  So instead, they sold it to someone who finished up the building of the empty shell and made it into a wonderful home!  I want it!

Then back "home" to our cozy trailer.. I did some coloring in the beautiful book Gracie gave me with the colored pencils she gave me.  That was fun!

All good things come to an end.. and we stowed everything and ran in the slides, I helped hook up the trailer by guiding Dayle and the truck's hitch to the trailer hitch and then lowered it onto the ball.  Then we pulled out and headed home.  Buddy helped Dayle drive.  :-)

We traversed through the Coast Mountain Range going through Van Duzer Corridor.  It's deep woods here which is such a change from being on the beach for a week.

When we got home Kristi had a big birthday surprise for me!  She got a new tablecloth from Pioneer Women's new line of linens, and she'd made a centerpiece with a glass bowl of mine and a collection of small Japanese glass fishing floats they used with their nets on the ocean.  She also got the prettiest flowering plant to put in it.  Isn't it gorgeous!!  And that's not all...

This flower is called "Orange Star".. aren't they gorgeous?

The glass fishing floats were made using recycled glass from beer bottles, coke bottles, and who knows where they got the yellow glass from.  Most are shades of aqua blue green.

Her magic didn't stop at the dining table.. she completely scoured our master bath (yes, it's tiny) and got new cotton rugs, a bath mat and towels in a delightful shade of aqua.  I pondered on showing you the bathroom.. not what I usually would do.. but thought it was neat that she got new towels and rugs for us.  Our sink is hand-thrown pottery in blue and beige glaze.  I have one of my hand-painted clocks in there.

AND.. she dusted our master bedroom and all the things on top of our armoires (we each have one) and oiled all the wood furniture in there!  Amazing, huh?  Not only that, but she got a new coverlet and pillows for the bed.  I adore the colorful bed now!

See my dollhouse in the bay window area?  Those French doors open up to our little forest.  Makes a very peaceful view from our bedroom.

My Kromski Polonaise spinning wheel is for sale if anyone is interested.  I'm not giving up spinning but going back to my old cherry wheel.  

Thank you Kristi for my birthday surprises and all your hard work!  You are a one-of-a-kind daughter-in-law!  

Our son Shawn has arranged for a moving truck to load his house up on Tuesday and he and the two boys, 3 dogs and one cat are heading out for California on Wednesday.  ::sigh::  We're going over to visit him on Sunday and taking dinner.  One last time.  

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Glorious Day

Hello my friends.  I want to thank you for all the nice birthday wishes on my last post.  You're very sweet and thoughtful.  I had a perfect day!  The weather was magnificent, sunny, warm and some puffy clouds.  We had our coffee and breakfast in our trailer looking out at the ocean waves.  In the early afternoon we headed out for a day of adventure - to Newport, Oregon.  We went to all our favorite haunts, including Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  More photos later in my post.

This is what the weather was like all day.. just lovely.

Our first stop was Georgie's Grill for halibut fish and chips and then they gave me a free dessert for my birthday, I chose Bailey's Irish Cream Brulee.  It was delish!

After lunch we headed on our "circuit".  LOL!  Just a ways from the restaurant is the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.  It's a cute little lighthouse that is now a state park and volunteers show visitors the building.

That lighthouse is on the left and the Yaquina Bay Bridge is on the right.. I think it's a gorgeous span.

You then drive under the bridge and head down to the Historic Bay Front and sitting in sentinel is the US Coast Guard building.  Those guys always keep it shipshape.  It looks over the harbor making sure all is right on the water.

Here is Mo's Restaurant - an icon on the waterfront.  Mo started making and selling clam chowder to the fishermen who came in off the boats and for visitors to the waterfront.  She was a character and everyone loved her and her chowder.  Soon she had to add on for more room, then opened this annex across the street with a bay view, now there are Mo's in seven locations up the coast and now at the Portland International Airport!

After you pass the waterfront which is lined on both sides with shops, cafes, bars and galleries.. you come to the fishing boat basin.  I always want a photo of the bridge and boats.  :-)  Of course if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll recognize all this.. I hope for my longer term readers this isn't a snooze fest!

Then we headed North through the busy town of Newport and turned to visit my favorite lighthouse.  On the hillside driving to the point I looked to see what flowers were in bloom and was super pleased to see the wild Irises were open in all their splendor!  

There was a cloud obscuring the sunlight on the lighthouse when we first got there.. but no matter what you can hardly take a bad shot of this magnificent place.

While I stayed with Buddy in the truck, Dayle walked out to the other side of the lighthouse to see if there were any Puffins on the rock.. there weren't but there were lots of Common Murres.  To me they look like little penguins.  

They actually lay their eggs on these rocks!

You can watch whales migrate past and this interpretive sign will tell you all about it!

These rocks are why the lighthouse was built to warn ancient mariners to avoid the rocky shore.

This is Newport from the point, looking south and east.

I'm fascinated with lighthouses and their Fresnel lens which broadcasts light far into the horizon.

The top of a lighthouse is so beautiful to me.. 

There are two turn-outs as you leave the lighthouse so you can get some more panoramic views.  Love love love.

This might be the most pleasing view.. with the lighthouse off-center.. which one is your favorite shot of it?

This shows the roiling water below.

A far vista.

Dayle spied a clump of wild Irises on the way out and that darling man turned around and went back so I could zoom in for this photo.  You should have seen how pretty they were illuminated by the sun.

Do you have wild Iris where you live?

As we left the lighthouse we stopped at the kiosk where they take your money to visit the park and asked the lady if she knew the Irises were in bloom.. and she pointed behind me and there in the sky were a pair of Bald Eagles flying in circles!  We later saw two more pair as we drove up the coast highway.

After we left Newport we drove up to Lincoln City to the fish shop and Dayle got some shrimp to make me a salad for dinner.  He spoiled me on my birthday.  I got calls from my daughter Amy in Ohio to wish me happy birthday, then my son Shawn who is packing up house in Vancouver, Washington and then my DIL Kristi where she and the boys sang happy birthday to me.. and a nice chat with my son Travis too.  A perfect and glorious day.  Thank you all for making it such a great day!  

Today is our last full day here.. I am not even sure what we'll do.. but something.. the world is our oyster!  :-)  Tomorrow we head back to reality.  But that's okay too.. I'm looking forward to returning home.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)