Monday, May 23, 2016

The Moon and DAR Conference

Happy Monday my friends.  So.  The reason I got my new camera is so I could zoom in closer to the moon and other things.  I'm happy to say that we did get some clearing on Friday night so I was able to experiment photographing the moon.  WELL.  After reading the Owner's Manual from start to finish and changing settings to achieve the Extended Optical Zoom.. I got no further of a zoom than on my pocket camera.  When I go to the settings, the setting for selecting the EX (extended zoom) is GRAYED OUT and I can't select it!!!!! I read everything 40 times and did change a setting on picture sizes with no avail.  To say I'm frustrated is an understatement.  I will keep trying, my friends.  Wish me luck.  But this is the moon shot I got.  I had to crop it as it didn't zoom close enough.  Racken fracken.

On Saturday I was up early, into the shower, coffee slurped down, throwing things into a bag and off for the 2.5 hour drive to Eugene to attend the Daughters of the American Revolution State Conference.  It's a 4 day event but I have cut back to only attending on the big day, Saturday and then home again.  Here is a shot of the noon lunch meeting.  We give a lot of awards to young people, history essay contests, good citizen ones, etc.  It was great to see all the young people receiving awards and hearing their stories.

We DAR ladies wear a ribbon where our pins go.. down the left side is all of our ancestor bars - this woman has proven lineage to 23 patriots that fought or supported in some way in the Revolutionary War.  My sister and I have proven to 4 patriots, on our father and mother's side, and we even have a woman patriot!!

The honor guard bringing in the flags for the dinner meeting.

Here I am with two of my DAR friends.  LeAnn on the right has been a Page for years, helping the officers here and in Washington DC, Susan, on the right lives in Rome, Italy but is a member of our chapter, she flew all this way to join in.

Here is our chapter and associates photo with the state regent in the front center.  We were looking at the professional photographer, I had a Page take this with my little Lumix. :-)

Well.. just a short post.. lungs a little better.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for us to get well.  It helped! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, May 20, 2016

More Zoom

Hello my friends.  As a photographer.. I love things that take photos.  I use my iPhone, my pocket sized Lumix and I also have a "Big Girl Camera" Nikon.  I've been spoiled by the Lumix for ease of use and portability and mainly for the lack of having to change lenses.  I tried to learn to use the BGC.  I really did.. well.. I like easy.  My Lumix DMC-ZS40 (with a 30 zoom) - the one that fits in my pocket - has a great zoom and good photos and I love it.  But it came up short with with really far shots.  Case in point, the moon.  It did pretty good but didn't get as close as Kristi's "bridge" camera with a 50 zoom.  So, over the last year or so I've been looking at acquiring a middle-sized camera - one with a better zoom but was still mostly POS (point-and-shoot) automatic.  I finally pushed the buy button on Amazon and am now the proud owner of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 with a 60 zoom.  I have only had it for a few days and it's been raining since it arrived, so I don't have a lot of test photos to share.  But the kids just brought home a flat of strawberries so I took some images with the new cam and the same shots with the iPhone to see the difference.  The image below is the new guy.  I'm pretty pleased with the accuracy of the color and sharpness of the image.

The photo below is the iPhone.  Not bad but too bright.. the accuracy and clarity don't hold a candle to the new cam.

The whole flat.. yes they taste as good as they look.  Love the true color of this!

The iPhone.. nice image but too bright.

Here's the new kid on the block.  I almost titled this post - "Waiting For The Moon"... as the true test of this upgrade will be moon shots and more.  I could not get good zooms of the swans that visit near Rooster Rock.. can't wait to try it next year with this camera.  Also, at the beach, I couldn't get clear shots of the lighthouse that is far offshore at Cannon Beach.  It will be fun to see how this does.

I took my camera to go out and snap some things yesterday and I was stopped dead at the door.. too rainy.  But this is the shot I got.. nice true color.

And so.. that's it for now until I can get more shots to see how it does.  I still cannot swim as the cough is still there, but hopefully soon.  I went to a meeting on Wednesday and had to leave the room twice due to coughing spells.  It was embarrassing.  I am going to a DAR State Conference tomorrow for lunch and dinner -- hopefully I will make it through okay.  Kristi is doing pretty good with her foot surgery.  But hopefully both of us will be back to normal soon.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for us!  Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend.. any exciting plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eye Candy

Hello my dear readers.  How is your week going?  We're trundling along fine.  One thing that is making me a bit crazy is that the company that hosts my blog, which I do appreciate, but it's been very slow to show my posts in the blog list.  That is why I have my own blog in the list, is to see how soon it posts when I click "Publish".  It's taking longer and longer.  The one that showed up yesterday was almost 24 hours hidden in Blogger's "closet" before they allowed it to come out.  To say that frustrates me is an understatement.  I've noticed that some of my favorite blogs don't show up on the list until way after they posted.  I don't know what the answer is, but thought I'd talk about it.

Now.. to today's post.  I'm just having fun with flower fotos.  I converted a few of my recent photos into "watercolor" images using the "Waterlogue" app.  I thought this rather graphic image of one branch of a flower turned out neat.

Dayle accompanied me to a doctor's appt. yesterday then we went to lunch and had a salad, then home.  I did a walkabout in the yard checking the progress of my flowers.  This "Scentsation" rose is so pretty.  The two bugs are no extra charge.

A new bloom on one of our new Irises.. so pretty.

We planted this big pot with a lot of little annuals.. sweetly growing.

The Peruvian Lily aka Alstroemeria is doing very well.  I just love the eye catching variegated foliage.

These are also one of the longest lasting cut flowers there are.

The creek and waterfalls look so much nicer since our son Travis cleaned the creek bed and rocks.  We now have to cut back the creeping myrtle a bit.. you can hardly see Dayle's father's Chinese pagoda lantern.  

Someone mentioned in the comment section recently that it was nice of our son to come over and clean the creek bed.. for those of you who are new to reading my blog, Travis and his wife and two little boys live full-time here at the farm with us.  We have an old farmhouse and they have the upstairs which is 2 bedrooms and a bath.  They have been here two and a half years.  They moved in when our son's longtime job as a pressman at the The Oregonian newspaper was at an end due to the newspaper failing after continuously operating since 1850.  He since began a wonderful job in the engineering department at the Nabisco plant.  Now we're all enjoying sharing the farm and we help each other out so we're just happy being together.

See how clean the creek bed is.. you can see all the rocks.. I just love it this way.  

Dayle's garden sculpture is at the top of the creek.. a Chinese soldier.

My one Calla lily has opened up and is so pretty.

We have one Dahlia so far this year.. but a pretty pink lavender one.

The big hanging basket is filling out all the more.

The other basket is pretty too.

I also converted this Iris into a watercolor, too.. LOVE how this turned out.

And lastly, I converted one of the wave photos I took while we were at the beach.. wouldn't this be fun to paint?

I'm wondering how many days THIS post will take to post on the blog list?  :-)  The sun is back here after a few days of rain.  I'm happy we are having sunny days in between rainy one.. perfect as far as I can say.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Wood Duck

Hello my friends!  I was looking for a photo in my photo file the other day on my computer and found this image.  It is a Wood Duck that I painted in watercolor.  I was happy to see this again, my blog friend Gracie has Wood Ducks visit her pond, I think that is so wonderful!

Here is the photo that I painted my picture from, I took this while I was living on my houseboat for 5 years (14 years back).  The best part of living on water is that you become part of the waterfowl family.  :-)  This colorful guy had adopted a large group of Mallard ducks to follow hang out with.  I took these photos from the deck and enjoyed watching him paddle about.  You can see my houseboat if you'd like, click HERE.

Here he is with his adopted family.

I think he had his eye on this Mallard lady.  :-)

Here he is showing off.   Unfortunately, one day I walked down the dock and my German neighbor told me he saw a seal come up and grab this guy and we never saw him again.  :-(  That's how life goes in the food chain.

We are in a rainy period now, but before it began to fall I snapped this shot of my happy Lantana plants.

And my beloved 4th of July roses are in their prime.

Not much new around here except I'm still coughing so staying home a few more days.  I've gotten a lot done on my natural white Alpaca shawl and in fact am working on the edging.  I'm kind of winging it as I am not fond of the Elise shawl pattern edge.  I'll show you soon... maybe my next post.  I hope all is well in your world!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Slow Lane

Hello my friends... how was your week?  Any big weekend plans?  I had to cancel my normal life for the week while I try to work through a cold, flu, lurgy, near death experience. OK, I exaggerate.  But no swimming, no volunteering.. coff coff.. bleh.  I will live.  Hopefully.  I sat on the deck under the gazebo and watched the world from there.  My little white Calla Lily sent up it's one bloom.  I do find these flowers so sculptural.

The surprise Peony I bought turned out to be a classic pink.  I'm happy with it.  

Our waterfall pump went out and I ordered a new one on Amazon.. it should arrive today.  Meanwhile our son, who took a week off of work at the Cookie Factory (Nabisco - you can thank him for your Oreos, Ritz, Wheat Thins, Chips Ahoy, Chicken in a Biscuit and Premium Saltines) to take care of Kristi, post op, (how long of a run-on sentence can I make?) is cleaning our creek, waterfalls and pond.  

See our good son there working away?  He's using his ShopVac to vacuum out the mud and debris.

The flower below is a "volunteer" from last year.. it's in a basket under our dining room window.. this one branch was growing flat up against the window trim, I thought it was kind of fun.  I'm not sure what this is.. do you know?

While I was sitting outside I looked up at the sun coming through the new basket of Geraniums.. the picture doesn't do this justice as the petals were glowing so beautifully.

Up on the other side of the pond the Beauty Bush is in bloom.  It used to be huge and impressive and then a big limb broke and dropped on it and now it's small and struggling.. I do hope it carries on. I just googled it and it's from China!

Kristi snapped this shot of a hummingbird visiting the herb plant over by the chicken coop.  

Kristi's foot was numb for quite a long time and now it's worn off and she said it's quite painful.  But she's being well-taken care of.  Me too.  The girls are convalescing here and the guys are on duty.  At least I've been keeping my email from piling up.. :-)  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Irises, Garden Produce and Book Chat

Dayle and I ran some errands yesterday and had salads for lunch and were headed home and we passed a nursery and I spied some Iris and we decided to turn around and go see.  We found 4 new varieties for our garden!  Look at this one, yellow and purple!

This one is eye-catching, orange and purple.

This one is frilly and white with pretty purple markings with a bright orange fuzzy part.

The whole stalk of flowers fell and broke off when Dayle took this out of the car and carried it sideways.  So, now it's in a vase on the dining table.  These are all really big flowers and really frilly.

I also grabbed two flats of mixed Moss Roses and a hanging basket to plant them in.  

These Petunias are in the HUGE hanging basket that Kristi and Travis got me for Mother's Day.  Aren't they pretty?

Kristi's mom is an avid vegetable gardener.  She was amazed to see these Snow Peas stayed on the vine all winter so she picked a big bucket of them and brought them out to us.  Kristi actually shelled all these peas and we had them for dinner last night.  

She also dug these potatoes and brought them out, Kristi cooked them up too.  I think it is very nice of her to share her garden produce with us!

She also cooked up these pork tenderloins in our Instant Pot, you put onions and sliced apple in with it, the darker part is the apple.  It was yummy!  

How about some book chat?  Claire, from Above The River blog from England told us she'd enjoyed this book, so I bought it on my iPad and am reading it.  At first I had trouble getting into it as it's all done in letter correspondence.  But I'm totally into it now and it's really good and you learn a LOT of history.  Basically it's about a London writer who is corresponding with several people who lived through the war on the island of Guernsey while it was occupied by Germans.  I'm only halfway through but can thoroughly recommend this book.

I just finished this one below and it was VERY good.  

I haven't started this one yet so I can't tell you how good it is but I just had to tell you the serendipity of how I came to buy this book.  Dayle and I were sitting in our booth having our salads yesterday and I mentioned some things about the Guernsey book and a man behind us got up and asked me about the book.  I gave him a synopsis and then he told me his sister was an author of books about dragons so I found it on my iPhone in iBooks and bought it.  I told him he could tell his sister that he sold one of her books at lunch.  LOL!  Do you do such impetuous things?

Please keep Kristi in your thoughts and prayers - her mom just picked her up to take her to the hospital for foot surgery.  She'll be home later and it will be our turn to take care of her.  Travis has taken a week of vacation to help out.  

I am not going swimming today as I have contracted Dayle's illness and am coughing badly and feeling fuzzy headed.  But I have some email business to take care of so I'll keep busy.. and will have time to crochet!  I hope your week is going well.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)