Friday, February 24, 2017

Beady Eyed

Hello there.  I'm running late to post today because.. we've been ill and house-bound.  I googled our symptoms and we may have had the Norovirus.  I won't go into detail.. but it's not a good thing to have.  It feels like a whole alien colony of evil microbes and amoebas are having a party in my stomach and intestines.  So, the result of being home-bound is we haven't been out and about and don't have much to share.  But I do have some beads to string so I pulled out my beading work tray to organize it a bit.  I found a tiny glass jar that I ordered on Etsy, actually I got 10 of them.  I put in the tiny jar the tiniest agates that Dayle and Kristi found on the beach.  I am going to use my sterling silver wire and make a bail on the top so I can wear this as a pendant.  :-)

Here is my tray on my lap.  All set to do some creative work.

I've showed you my Sleeping Beauty rondelles.. I'm just not sure what I want to do for the focal beads in the bracelet I have planned.  We'll do some playing today and see what I come up with.  See the heart in the center?  I got some Swarovski crystal hearts - I am going to make a wire bail on the top and hang them from safety pins and give them as gifts.  The safety pin is what you wear if you want people to know that if they are in a scary situation with a stranger, you will help them.

Do you know what an "etui" is?  You might if you do crossword puzzles.  It means "needle case".  Have you seen the one I made using a wooden tube case?  I did a peyote stitch, flame design.  This is *always* on my beading tray.

I had a polished agate cabochon which I glued to the top.

And here is the finished bracelet.  I used to have a double strand turquoise bracelet but it broke, so then I had a one strand, but missed the double one.  So, then I found some Sleeping Beauty Mine rondelles on eBay and today I restrung it.

How do you keep busy when you aren't feeling well?  I hope all is well with you and yours.   ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Flowers, Crochet and latest Hat

When Dayle headed out to run some errands the other day I called out.. "Bring me a surprise."  :-)  So when he came home he had a little potted plant with two buds on it, a Ranunculus.  Isn't it gorgeous?

My little Camellia is in bloom!  I'd always wondered why there wasn't one here, so last year we got two little plants.  We planted this in front of the chicken house in front of an old stump and it's doing very well there.

And so.. I'm back to working on the C2C (Corner to corner) crochet shawl.  It had been put to the side when other projects needed to be worked on.. they are done.. now back to this.

This yarn really is soft and lovely to work with.  It's the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Polo color-way.

Being more of a crocheter than a knitter, I'm pretty proud of myself that I've knitted 3 PussyHats.  I am glad I know how to do both.  I made my first one with a skein of pink yarn I had around the house and it was acrylic.  I wanted to make one for me to wear all the time and I wanted it to be alpaca and silk.  This one feels so nice.

So.  I have friends who look askance at my hat and say that they don't like the name.  So, let me explain why I love my hat and what it stands for, to me.  

First - for those of you who voted for the current potus and are happy with what he's doing - you will not like the hat and what it stands for.  That is okay.  To each his/her own.

For those of you who do not like what this person is doing, you are part of The Resistance.  We are vowing to watch what is going on and fight for the rights that we've gained over 100 years of social progress.  So, when I wear this, I am making a statement.  I am a rebel.  There it is.  

The latest thing I read is that a new bill is being pushed through to cut the budget for free school lunches for those children in need.  REALLY?  REALLY?????  Attacking the children of the country and taking away their breakfast and lunches?  Some of these kids, it's the only wholesome food they get all day.  Some kids cry when summer vacation starts as they won't have much to eat over the summer. I'm disgusted by this.  Learn more, click HERE.

So.. keep an eye on who is voting for these horrible things and please think of replacing them in the 2018 election.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, February 20, 2017

PussyCat Hats and New Bath Lights

My new friend Natalie sent me two photos of her and her daughter wearing the hats that Meredith and I knitted for her and her friend. She plans to send another photo when she gifts the 2nd hat to her friend.  This time she put the hat on her daughter, isn't she adorable?

I think it's wonderful that Natalie will raise this little girl to be a strong and brave young woman who will look up to her mother for guidance and learn to love and care for her fellow man.  I know this little person is not being taught to be prejudiced.

One of the lights in our master bath was making burning smells.. not good.. so I ordered two new lights.. and my amazing son Travis installed them for us!  How cool is it that my son has the skills to do electrical work?

These are Craftsman design with oil rubbed bronze fittings and stained glass.  I just love how they look!

The other day Kristi looked out the window behind our chairs and exclaimed that it was an amazing sunset.. so I grabbed my camera and walked out to the deck.  Those pesky trees are in the way, but you can see what a colorful sky we had.

Today is President's Day and for the first time in my life I will not celebrate the day.  The office has been forever besmirched by the person in the White House and the people he surrounds himself with.  45 has cost the US taxpayers as much in travel back and forth to NYC and Mar-a-Lago in Florida in ONE MONTH what the Obamas spent in a year on travel.  Did you know we're also paying for security for all his grown children and their families?  And for the boys to go on business trips in foreign countries?  This does not seem right to me.  It appears to me that just paying for this big family to live in high style will be really detrimental to our country.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Snowdrops, Simba and Hat Gifting

Hello!  I have certainly been enjoying seeing Snowdrops in bloom on many of the blogs that I read.  I just went out for a jaunt around the yard to capture some images of my darling little volunteer flowers.  I love how they self-spread!  These are right under the bay window in our family room.

We have a massive patch of them in our front entry walkway.  

They must love oak leaves.  :-)

Walking back to the deck I spied Simba, our ginger tiger cat that graces us with his presence.  I always talk to him in a soothing manner.

But as soon as I began walking toward the deck he slunk down and went under the deck to avoid that dangerous woman with the camera.  :-)

After a ridiculous amount of rain this month, we're having ONE dry day.  Wahoo!  They say the rain returns tomorrow.  wah.

The pond in winter is not as attractive as it is in Spring and Summer.  Did I tell you that we lost our two huge Koi during that last horrible freeze?  I was very sad.  We'd had them for 4 years or so and they'd survived other freezes, but this one went on too long and they perished.  Oddly, the two little goldfish survived.

I met up with my new friend Natalie on Wednesday and gave her the hats that Meredith and I made for her and her friend.  She promised to send a photo of the two of them wearing their hats soon.  We asked a passerby to take this photo of the two of us.. she's way cuter than I am!  :-)  She loved the hats!

Do you have any weekend plans?  My younger sister Denise is coming out here tomorrow and we're going to string some turquoise beads and make a bracelet for her.  I might work on my new beads for a bracelet, too.  I'll take some snaps.

News - 45 did a press conference yesterday - he told a bunch of lies and bullied the news reporters - it was not easy to watch.  But I did watch because I want to be informed.  So many bad things have happened lately, they are defunding the National Endowment for the Arts, defunding the Environment Protection Agency, Immigration officers are arresting Mexican people that have no criminal backgrounds, taking mothers away from their children, fathers away from their families.  Much much more.. please read this NY Times article.  Click HERE.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Day of Love and Amy Sent Hats!

How was your Valentine's Day?  We had a good one.  Remember when we went to the Candy Basket with the chocolate fountain?  Well, we went there to get some boxes of chocolates for the boys.. and we got one for Kristi.. and one for us to share.  :-) I thought I'd show it to you.. yes, there are a few missing already and they were good!

We got the "nuts and chews" box.  We both like nuts and caramels.  Want one?  What is YOUR favorite in a box of chocolates?

We set out the boxes of chocolate along with some plush elephants and cards for them.  They were happy!

Dayle and I had dinner reservations at Bumper's Grill, our go-to place for filet mignon.  It was perfection as always.  So tender and done just the way we like it.

And because it was Valentine's Day we ordered a creme brulee to share.  I hope you had a wonderful day.  

I started my new silk and alpaca pink pussycat hat and realized that the yarn was very thin and it might need some adjustment.  I texted Meredith and asked her opinion and she suggested that I double the yarn so I went with her on it and this is working out well!  Thanks, Mere!

This is the hat that I made for my new friend and I think I'm meeting her today at the club to give the hats that Meredith and I made for her and her friend.  I will be sure and share a photo of them both wearing their new hats as soon as I can get one.

I got a package from England yesterday!  Amy from the blog "Love Made my Home" crocheted 6 little hats and sent them to me to donate to the "Operation Diaper Bag" project - items for US Military families that are expecting a baby.  Thanks, Amy, you are amazing!!

I had to show this to you.  My granddaughter Jenna in Ohio drew this design for her Girl Scout Troop's Father-Daughter Dance and she won the contest so they are making these up in patches for the girls.. isn't that neat?

My news portion of my post today is that the National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has resigned as it became apparent that he spoke to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyack about the sanctions the US imposed on Russia due to their interference in the presidential election BEFORE the election.  Now we are curious how much the current POTUS knew of what he said and of course if Flynn was ordered by him to assure Russia he would get rid of the sanctions.  Click HERE for the story.

Again - our country is rocked by scandal and lies.  Heaven help us.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hearts, Hats and Snow Moon

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  I put my heart-y tablecloth on the table and did a bit of decorating.  I must say, we're having some great sunshine but it does not make a nice photo op.  :-)

My pink Cyclamen is perfect for the table.

I have a basket of little hats that I'm taking to my DAR meeting is a bit.  I've made them for US Military families who are expecting a baby.  For "Operation Diaper Bag".  

Here are my little fuzzy hats.

I walked out on the deck in my stocking feet on Saturday night to get a photo of the "Snow Moon".  Friday was the big moon night but we had cloud cover so no photo.. but I got this one!

I saw this on Facebook and it cracked me up.  You can actually order this, the url for the company is on the bottom of this image.  It's in response to what happened to Senator Elizabeth Warren when she was testifying in Jeff Sessions debate.  Mitch McConnell told her to cease speaking and sit down.  She was trying to read from Coretta Scott King's letter regarding Session's racist behavior many years before.  He said "She was warned. She was given an explanation.  Nevertheless, she persisted."  Interestingly, later on in the debate several MALE Democrats read the entire letter and were not interrupted.  Hmmm.

I am sorry if you are unhappy to read my "political" posts, but our country is faced now with unprecedented peril due to the new leadership and I will not stop sharing my concerns and speaking out.  The German people were silent when 11 million people were killed because they weren't aryan.  I will not be silent.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  

Friday, February 10, 2017

New PINK yarn and Snowdrops

Hello there!  I plan to make myself a new pink pussycat hat.  The first one I made was with some nice yarn I had here, but I'm enjoying wearing it so much that I wanted to make a new one with some 50% silk and 50% alpaca and in a luscious raspberry pink.  I must finish the one I'm making for my new friend before I start this one.  :-)

I used this yarn in red for my big red shawl.  It's from Blue Sky Alpacas.  This is without a doubt my very favorite color.

This is my sweet younger sister Denise, I'm going to give her this hat when I'm done with my new one.  We volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday.  The Historic Columbia River Highway was closed on either side of the falls due to mudslides, so it was a hard day to give directions.  

It's always fun when you're volunteering to meet people from all over the world.  This lively group of giggly women swooped in the door and I asked them where they were visiting from and one of the girls said it was the center girl's bachelorette party and they flew all the way from Miami, Florida to visit the Columbia River Gorge!!  I had to snap a photo.  :-)

made another baby hat while we volunteered - I will have four to donate to the DAR "Operation Diaper Bag" at the meeting on Monday.

It was a rainy and foggy day.. you can hardly see the waterfall which was ROARING!

We are having a sunny day today which is good as the poor ground is sodden.  And look.. the Snowdrops are in bloom!  

The daffodils are coming up too.. so I'm feeling more uplifted.

For my "news" today - we're dealing with 45 (I'm calling the current president 45) tweeting this: "My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom.  She is a great person -- always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!".  Can you imagine a sitting president condemning a huge company and self promoting his daughter's business?  More HERE.

Then Kellyanne Conway, his advisor, went on Fox news and proceeded to shamelessly promote Ivanka's products.  Click HERE to see that.  She is being paid by taxpayers now and this is clearly against the rules.  She apparently was "talked to" about what she did.

And speaking of taxpayers paying for ridiculous things.. it cost nearly $100,000 for us to cover a recent business trip of his son Eric to Uruguay.  What??  Read more HERE.

The only good thing to happen since he took over the White House is that 3 Federal Judges have declared his travel ban illegal.  But still, each and every one of his ill-chosen cabinet picks have been approved so far.  :-(

Please keep our country in your good thoughts.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Puppy and Giving Hats

You thought it was a real puppy?  :-)  We were watching Antique Roadshow the other day and I saw a vintage cast iron doorstop, it was a terrier and had neat old paint on it, tan with a brown spot on it's side.  I was charmed and took a gander on Etsy and eBay.. and I found one that had been painted white a long time ago.. so I decided to adopt him.  :-)  He reminds me so much of our beloved Buddy.  

The boys are a bit worried as he doesn't have "eyes".. would it be bad of me to paint some eyes on him?

My Hyacinth is full out in flower, problem is it got top heavy and is leaning over.. it's still pretty and smells wonderful and I'm afraid it I tried to stake it up it would snap the stem.. so we're enjoying it sideways.  :-)

I really adore this variety, pink with darker stripes down the petals.  I love it.  I will plant this out in one of our big pots on the deck after it's done blooming.

We have changed Chinese restaurants.. we went to Lee's Garden for years and years.. but then a new place opened in a beautiful pagoda styled building, it's called Dragon Palace.  Years ago when I was in San Francisco, my friends and I went to dinner in China Town.. and someone suggested I try "Prawns with Honey Walnuts".  I did and oh. my. goodness.  It's DEE-lish-us!  It was rare to find this on a menu until we tried the new restaurant.. and now it's our GO-TO place for Chinese food.  We went there for lunch yesterday so I thought I'd show you what it looks like and if you ever find it on a menu, you simply must try it.  Deal?  

We also order the chef's special lo mein to go with it and it's equally delicious.  Do you have a favorite Chinese restaurant and what do you always order?

Fun story, my lady friends arrived last week to ride with me to the Portland Women's Forum meeting.. Dayle was outside and said hello.. they said - you could be a little more excited.. so he threw up his arms to welcome them.. and his pants fell down.  SO.. we decided he needed suspenders.  So here he is with the new suspenders I ordered for him on Amazon.  :-)

Now.. another story.  You've got nothing better to do, do yo?  :-)  I told you about the woman who liked my hat.. during our email communications she asked if she paid for the yarn and my time would I knit her and her friend a pink pussycat hat.. so I thought.. gadzooks, it took me forever to do one.. so I approached Meredith to see if she would do one and I would do one.. because she makes them SO FAST.. and she said she would!  We decided we would do them as a gift.. no charge.  So, here is mine, I'm halfway done.  Knit knit knit...

Meredith's hat arrived today.. isn't it gorgeous???  Thank you, Meredith!!!!

And look.. she even added a little gift for me!  Wow.. isn't this a cute little sheep ornament.. AND.. it's pink!  Happy days!  Thanks so much!

One of the lights over the vanity in our master bathroom is shorting out, so look at the neat ones I ordered from Amazon yesterday!  I got two and our son Travis will be installing them when they arrive.  *LOVE*
While looking over my Facebook feed I saw this photo and the photographer said he was happy for people to share it, so I am.  Isn't this pretty?  Multnomah Falls after the first snow here in the morning before any footprints.

Now for the news part of my post.  Yesterday Betsy DeVos was voted in to be the new Secretary of Education of the new US cabinet.  She has never attended a public school, nor have her children.  During the interview section before the vote it became acutely obvious that she is not fit to lead the country on education.  She even said that "Guns might have a place in schools due to the threat of grizzly bears."  She also admitted that her family has donated 2 hundred million dollars to the Republican party and indeed, most of the Republicans voting for her to get this job were direct recipients of huge amounts of money.  She wants to shut down public schools and replace them with private schools.  Two Republican Senators, both women, could not in good conscience vote for her sided with the Democrats - the vote was 50 to 50 - and Vice President Pence was the tie-breaker and of course he voted for her.  And there we are.  ::sigh::

Today Elizabeth Warren was silenced during the hearing for Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General.  She tried to read a letter from Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Read all about it HERE.

So.. things are a wreck here in the USA.. every day something more happens.  The Potus is still tweeting in the middle of the night.. his latest is he's mad that Nordstroms dept. store has cancelled Ivanka's fashion line so he is tweeting condemning the company.  It is absurd that the president is bashing companies left and right on twitter.  I'm so embarrassed for our country.

Please know that only a quarter of this country voted for him and still supports him.  Wish us luck we can make it through this.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)