Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ladies Lunch, Antiques and a Chocolatier

Hello my friends!  How are you doing?  Thanks for stopping in to visit!  I had such a good day!  I met my sisters Roberta and Denise and friend Shirley for lunch at "Gramma's Corner" in Milwaukie, OR, near my sister Roberta's house.  Everything is home-cooked and delicious.  We enjoyed our meal and chatted away and shared photos and generally had a good lunch together.  Roberta said there were two good antique shops right next door, so that was the next stop.  The first one was amazing with lots of great things and good prices and also lots of discounts!  I found this vintage enameled strainer at a fair price and had to have it as I've wanted one for years and this color is the one I love.  AND it's very useable!  

Another vintage item that I needed is this juicer or reamer made of "Vaseline" glass which glows.  

Another find was this framed print that was $10 and I got it for $7.00!  I'd been looking for one like this for years.  My Grandma had one and it hung on my Aunt Eva's wall after Grandma passed away.  I totally coveted it.  So, finally I found one with bright colors and a reasonable price and it's now hanging next to my antique oak china cabinet.  ::happy sigh::

My friend Shirley found a butter dish that she'd been looking for for years, and it was a good price AND it was 50% off!  She was over the moon!  She also got the sugar, creamer and salt & pepper.  They were for her husband's anniversary gift.. ahem.. :-)

I got a kick out of these little Cupie Dolls.

This crocheted doily caught my eye.. just $5!

We then crossed the street to this other antique mall and in the back is an old soda fountain.. I remember these so well from my childhood in McMinnville, Oregon.

Of course I had to sit on this stool.. once occupied by my favorite US President - John F. Kennedy.

And look at those four cute "vintage" ladies.

I told the "soda jerk" lady that I was going to put a photo of my chocolate coke soda on my blog so she made it just so.. but by the time I got my iPhone ready for a photo some foam was sliding down the side.  It was good!

After the two antique shops we were getting tired out and then.. I spied... a shop across the street... and it said.. "CHOCOLATIER'.. so I peeked in the window and said.. We HAVE to go in there!  What a fun place!

There was every kind of candy imaginable!

I got 2 bags of popcorn for the family and then I asked the salesgirl which chocolates she recommended and she said.. "salted caramel and mint meltaway".. of which I ordered one (or two) of each.  For research!  To see if it's any good!  Don't judge!  :-)

Near the entrance, a nice big shop!

I want to take the boys here!

I think I need a tall glass jar full of pretty candy.

The popcorn I brought home for the family.. Dayle loves popcorn!

These are mine.. don't tell Dayle or the kids.. :-)

Dayle filled the goldfinch feeder.... here is a cute little guy having lunch.

My waterproof camera is ready to go to Waldo Lake.  We leave in 2 weeks.  :-)

So.. tomorrow our older son and his family are coming over to ride some quads here and we're going to celebrate Gabe's birthday and BBQ some hot dogs and I'm going to make a macaroni salad and baked beans.. more summer food.  I'm not tired of it yet! :-)  

What is your favorite summer food?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lazy Weekend

Life has been busy lately.  Trying to make the most out of summer can be exhausting.  :-)  So we have been just hanging out, our older son came to visit yesterday and we just chatted away.  Today I went out for a walk in the garden to see how everything is doing.  Our huge stems of Stargazer Lilies have begun to bloom from the bottom up.  

It's cloudy today and that's just fine.. we've had too high of temperatures lately and this feels good.  Doors and windows open and it's only 66 deg. out.  :-)

We had something sad happen yesterday.  Our hens stick their head out of their safe enclosure to nibble on the green grass outside the pen... and something, and I think it was probably one of the skunks that live in our woodshed.. grabbed it by the head and tried to pull it and killed my dear Betsy Ross, the Ameracauna who laid aqua eggs.  ::sigh::  Dayle is going to line all around the edge of the pen with a finer grade wire so they can't stick their heads out.  Dang predators.  RIP Betsy Ross.

While we were at Coastal Farm and Garden shop the other day we picked up a couple of hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes.  Whoever is in charge of their garden area is incompetent and they baskets were shriveled up.  We got them for a good prices and Dayle is keeping them watered.  

It looks like a used car lot around here.. :-)

The blackberries are beginning to ripen.. I ate this one after I took the photo and ::cringe:: it was sour!  

The Lantana (3 color varieties) continues to be an eye pleaser.

The pastel one.. love love.  I think these colors would make a wonderful crocheted project!

I have a miniature rose from last summer.. during our early summer weather it was all bushy and green.. then we had the freezing weather and then the heat spells and it wasn't looking good at all.  It's coming back now with 2 little flowers.. hope it does ok.

I love how hydrangeas last so long.. a great flower, don't you think?

Dayle's geraniums that he's babied and wintered over for years and years are having their best year as it's been warm and sunny for a long time now.

Had to show you how the "Nodding Violet" aka Streptocarpella keeps on blooming.  The leaves are fuzzy and succulent like an African Violet.

Our Hummingbird population has quadrupled from the 2 that wintered over here.  The local ones are not happy with the intruders and they squawk and chitter at each other and chase each other away.  Dayle hung up a new feeder today with bee guards - so they have two.  We might hang another one up too.

A pretty bi-colored geranium.

The Tuberous Begonia is blooming.. another of D's "babies".

He also wintered over this Begonia Boliviensis "Bonfire" - we were both pretty amazed it made it through and has done so well!  He puts a shelf on the landing down to the basement where there is a glass door and put them all on the shelf and doesn't even water them and they winter over.  Amazing.

Bright red geranium.

The deck needs some tidying up.. but not today.  

Today is Kristi's 32nd birthday today!  Travis got her a melamine set of dishes with VW buses all around the rim!

Her sister gave her the bus shaped toiletry bag and Travis also got her a set of silverware with buses on the handles and I gave her the metal bus sculpture with a surfboard, cooler and float ring on the top.  She was a happy girl!

I offered to bake Kristi a birthday cake, but she said with how hot it's been they'd pick up a cake when they went to town last evening.  Travis picked this one out and oh.my.goodness.. it was tasty.

We're all going out to Chinese dinner to celebrate further.  Right now Dayle is washing and waxing our trailer for our trip to Waldo Lake so it's ready to go in 2 weeks.  I've been working on the lists in preparation to the shopping right before we leave.  :-)

How was your weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day Trippers

Hi there!  On Tuesday my BFF from 7th grade Shirley and I headed out for a day trip to the beach.  I had looked at an Oregon map and plotted out a fun loop.  Want to go along?  Hop in!  We headed out Hwy 26 from Portland to Cannon Beach.  I love that Shirley likes the same music as I do and that she loves it loud, too.  I played my "Car Playlist" and shared a few new songs that Shirley loved - but she had many of the songs that you'd be surprised that two "older" ladies would be playing.  Lorde - "Royals", Alicia Keys - "Girl on Fire", Etta James - "At Last", Fever Ray - "If I Had a Heart", Lady Antebellum - "Need You Now", etc.  I have a varied musical palette.  We drove through the very busy Cannon Beach downtown and then on to my special lunch place, the Wayfarer.  I asked for a booth with a good view as I'm a blogger.. and we got the best table in the house, this was our view!!

There was outdoor dining, but I like my food hot, and Shirley feels the same.  But it was certainly the day for al fresco dining if you love that.

The gardens in Cannon Beach are spectacular, these Crocosmia were outstanding and must do well at the beach as they were EVERYWHERE!

I had beer battered prawns and .. oh. my .goodness... they were huge and perfectly cooked and delicious!  Just so you know my cholesterol is perfectly normal and I've kept my weight off that I lost.  :-D

After a leisurely and yummy lunch we walked around the restaurant to snap some photos that weren't through a window.  Haystack Rock is amazing.

Walking back to the car I spied this amazing rose in the restaurant planter.

What amazed me about that rose was the HUGE rose hips!  They looked like tomatoes!

They also had a Hydrangea which was a very pretty color of lavender and pinks.

Shirley and I are both antique aficionados so we drove back to Cannon Beach to my favorite shop there.  

They have really nice antiques and the shop is bright and clean.

This little hobnail milk glass basket came home with me to add to my collection.  Wouldn't it look sweet filled with Sweet Peas?

 We then drove South on Highway 101 - below Cannon Beach - I pulled in to a beach access parking area and walked down to get this shot of Haystack Rock from the other side as before.  See the ocean clouds off shore?  Lot's of families are having a fun day at the beach.

When I downloaded my photos and was looking through them on my computer - I burst out laughing at this one.. a sea gull flew right in front of my camera and I didn't even notice.

I pulled over when we were climbing up Arch Cape and handed Shirley the camera to catch this photo of Garibaldi.  (I think!)

We drove down into Manzanita and enjoyed the closeness of the ocean.. I got this shot there.

We stopped at Wheeler and there was a huge antique mall in some of the old buildings - all along the front of the buildings were potted plants for sale which looked fantastic, like a blooming garden!  This Dahlia caught my eye.

In Garibaldi I saw these trains out of the corner of my eye and wheeled in, parked and walked up to get this photo of the old train.  Dayle worked for Southern Pacific Railroad as an engineer for 32 years.

There was a man in this engine firing it up, isn't it a neat little engine?

Next stop - the Tillamook Cheese Factory!  They have the prettiest old schooner on display out front.  S/V Morning Star.

Inside they have this old bus for people to pose in for a photo!  We got some cheese curds.  :-)

Then for the big adventure - to drive West from Tillamook to find Oceanside.  Which was a beautiful drive and we found a restaurant that my sister Denise recommended, for a light dinner.  These Daisies were alongside the sidewalk with a view of the ocean.

Rosanna's Cafe - we shared a meal of halibut and salmon topped with bay shrimp - fingerling potatoes and roasted butternut squash.  A neat place with a great view - but the offshore fog had rolled in so we couldn't see much.

I brought the boys a couple little VW buses from Tillamook.. :-)

OK.. I must jet.. volunteering at Multnomah Falls this aftern.. byeeeeee...
((hugs)), Teresa :-)