Friday, October 24, 2014

Roaring Falls, Girls and Book Review

Hello my friends.  Thanks for dropping by.  My sister Denise and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday, and with all the rain we've had, the falls was full and roaring!  During a deluge, I hiked up to the viewing plaza and under the cover of an umbrella managed to snap a few photos.  I also took a photo of a couple of girls for them with their iPhone.  

This photo is fuzzy, but it really wasn't easy trying to hold an umbrella and take a photo.

Then for the heck of it, I snapped one with my iPhone.  Which one do you like best?  This one or the first one?  Can you see the rain drops falling?

The beautiful Multnomah Falls Lodge, I just love this stone building.

After we closed down the Visitors Center, sis and I met our two husbands for a steak dinner at Bumpers Grill & Bar in Wood Village.  I forgot to take a photo of our filet mignon.. but you've seen them before.. lol!

Steve ordered an apple dumpling with 4 spoons.  :-)  It was a whole peeled apple, wrapped in dumpling dough and baked, served atop warm caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.  Yum!

My two granddaughters got their school pictures back, here is my sweet Jenna, she's growing up so fast!  My daughter Amy enrolled her in sewing and crochet classes and she sewed her own pillow case and has crocheted cute things.. I just wish I was close enough that I could teach her things that I know and sit with her and make things.  

Here is Paige, she is missing her two front teeth too.  She's such a character, she loves to sing and dance and make jokes.  She's a cuddly little girl too, much to my daughter's delight.  Oh how I miss them!

I just finished the book below.. I couldn't put it down.  It's set in Amsterdam in 1686.  This is the author's first novel and my goodness, does she have an imagination!  I was drawn to buy this book for my iPad because I love miniature things.. I have a Victorian dollhouse.  There are some shocking things in this book, so don't hold that against me if you read it.  :-)  But it will make you glad you live in our enlightened society!  I think.  :-)

I have had a bit of a relapse - stuffed up head, so no swimming today (perhaps I shouldn't have hiked up to the falls in pouring rain?) - but we'll still be heading to the coast on Sunday.  My next post will be from there.  :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Looking Around the Farm and Son's Home

Hello my friends, I do hope you're having a lovely day.  Dayle is working on getting his truck ready to haul our trailer to the beach for a week - to celebrate his birthday.  I am resting up.. I had a busy day yesterday preparing for my last board meeting as president of the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  After 4 years I'm passing the baton onto the Vice President.  I'll remain on the board, do the newsletter, website and will be Events Chair.  I have one last duty as president, to run the Annual Meeting and elections.  Then.. no more being in charge of the agendas for me, baby! :-)  Today I grabbed my camera to see what I could find... I always love to take photos of our pretty barn.

But before I went outside I snapped a few images of my little bouquet of flowers on the dining room table.

Don't you love the juicy lime green center of this flower?

You can't beat Chrysanthemum, can you?


Stepping out in the chilly fresh air.. 

The huge chrysanthemum Dayle surprised me with got a bit dried up during our latest hot spell, but some of the buds are opening now.. 

My peachy pink pumpkin is doing well in the cooler temps.

Heading back into the cozy farmhouse, I spy my 2 gnomes in a pile of oak leaves right by the door.  

I snapped a photo of the top of the apple tree and had NO idea there was a bird up there!

I spied a couple of pin oak acorns on the deck.. why do I adore acorns?  

Our older son, Shawn and his wife Beth, invited us over on Sunday.  They are all moved in their new home and I just *LOVE* it!  The landscaping is so pretty.  They have a 2 car garage and a super tall and long RV garage.  My clever son had those tall commercial grade garage doors installed at the front and BACK of his RV garage so he can back his quad trailer (all terrain vehicles) on into a fenced off area in the back yard and his huge 5th wheel RV/toy hauler inside the big garage.

Their big open kitchen is a dream.. granite counters, well-lit, gas stove, wet bar on the left, a big pantry in the corner, and the other corner a nice sink with windows.. they made crock pot chili and gluten free cornbread.  It was funny as they were out of milk so used vanilla almond milk to make the cornbread.. I was a bit skeptical... but it was delicious!

The comfortable living room.. gas fireplace.. I got comfy and crocheted on my red alpaca/silk shawl while we chatted.  What a wonderful new home!  Isn't the wood floor pretty?  It's Acacia wood.  It has lots of character.

From my comfy chair I zoomed out the window at their neighbors brightly colored Sweet Gum tree.  Wow!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Glowing Windows in the Dark

I've been a bit missing.. trying to get over this cold before it goes into bronchitis - but it might be too late as I've got quite a cough making itself at home in my lungs.  But enough of that.  Do you like to drive through a neighborhood at dusk and see the houses all lit from within.. glowing golden.. and you wonder about all the different people in the world and how their lives are.. is it happier or sadder than mine?  Are they nice or not?  Imagine all the different life stories of all the people in the world.  It boggles the mind.  I was outside for a breath of fresh air last night and snapped this image of our house lit from within.

I tried to capture the light from the Chinese lantern reflecting in the waterfall of the pond.  

I lit the candles in the tiny pumpkins for the boys to see last night.

Do you have some little ceramic pumpkin lights?  They are inexpensive and fun.

We had a bit of a trauma a few days ago.. the boys were playing in their room and wrestling around and I heard a yowl that didn't stop.. Caleb accidentally kicked his brother in the mouth and the two front teeth on the top were loose and bleeding.  Poor guy - the next morning they were both gone.  He'd pulled one out and his mom the 2nd.  The saving grace is that both of them were starting to wiggle and would have come out soon, anyway.  

What are you up to this weekend?  We're just hanging out, it's another gorgeous day.. the front door is wide open and I have bare feet.. and here I thought it was going to be coolish and fall-ish.  I hope you have a great week ahead!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


My dear husband and I went out to lunch, the bank and then on up to Jonsrud Point in Sandy, Oregon to get a photo of the fresh new snow cover on Mt. Hood.  I walk up to the viewpoint, pull out my camera, click the "On" button and nothing happens.  Battery is dead.  Sheesh!  So, this pixelated image below done with my iPhone zoom with clouds in front of it is it.  The battery is on the charger now!

I'm having a funky week.  Both of us have a cold and luckily I had no appointments that I had to keep, and I've had to give up swimming.. ::sniffle:: ::whine::   Yesterday I put my little collection of pumpkin candle holders across the TV cabinet and Dayle lit them last night and the boys were fascinated by them.  

They're all smallish.. big enough for tea lights.  I need to buy some more tea light candles!

We picked up some fall toned flowers and I filled this ceramic pumpkin with water (it had green foam stuff in there from last year) and I stuck the flowers in.. and I got a new fall candle to light on the table.  My son thinks that I have too much stuff on the table.. ::shrug::  But our mantel is in the living room which I can't see much of and we never use it so I don't decorate it for fall.  So, all of my pumpkin stuff ends up here.  :-)

My huge paper lantern pumpkin actually photographs better during the day.

I think I need to snip those flowers down a bit.. 

A walk outside, the hydrangeas continue to be a pleasing purple-y gray.

Yes, that is more blue sky today.  But tomorrow the rain is supposed to return.

I turned and noticed the sun illuminating my creepy ghost bride... eek!


Don't tell the begonias.. that it's fall.. they don't know yet.

Oh, I'm so pink!

The back deck and a corner of the garden shed.  That is going to be a project of mine someday.  :-)

Our son, whose family lives with us, informed us last night that his wife's family has rented a room at a beach hotel for them all for Tuesday through Friday - over Christmas.  :-(  They are also going to her family's house for Thanksgiving.  So, our traditional family dinner would be small, then our older son asked us to go to their new house for Thanksgiving.. a gluten free dinner.  :-)  Hmmm.. ok.. I guess we'll try something new!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumn is Here

Hello.. how is your week going?  I've had my boxes of Halloween decorations sitting in our living room for a few weeks and I could not get into the mood to put them up as it was still summer weather, hot and sunny.  But today the mood finally hit me as it's rainy, cool and cloudy.  I happily hung the fall wreath on the door and Dayle helped me hang up my ghost bride and wind sock pumpkin on the gazebo.  :-)

Isn't she scary?  I think she needs some stuffing, though.

Every Autumn I keep an eye on my Pin Oak tree - it turns a brilliant red before the leaves turn brown.. it's starting to turn!

The leaves are really pretty on this oak.

Zoom... the tree is 50 feet tall!

Our wild little garden is settling in for the winter.

There is one little 4th of July rose in bloom.  :-)

And 3 white clematis surprised me by blooming so late.

Dayle hung up my paper lantern that we've had for years.. the pumpkin face is all sparkly.  I added my crocheted pumpkins and other fun decorations to the table.

My little scarecrow that I made is in the twig chair, I have a little black cat sculpture, a scarecrow candelabra, etc.

My scarecrow holds a little vintage pumpkin... I got the 2 glass pumpkins last year and this year added a little glass one.

See the little fence?  It's porcelain and the three little trick-or-treaters are also and I just love it.  I found it at a pumpkin patch when we took our 2 granddaughters there.. before they moved.. 3,000 miles away.  :-(

I was happy to see my crocheted pumpkins again... I think they look neat with my velvet ones I got last month.

My wonderful blog friend Gracie brought us a gift of 2 plants on the day we took her on the adventure to find Lost Lake.. wasn't that sweet?

We had fun at the BBQ at my older son's new house, our 4 grandsons love each other.  I can't believe this is the only photo I got.. but they're still unpacking and decorating so I'll get more next time.  They're having a big open house on November 1st, it's going to be FUN!

Everyone liked the potato salad I made to go with their tri-tip steak.  I tried to make a daisy decoration on the top with a cut up egg, but it got a bit mushed.  :-)

Dayle is making baked pork chops for dinner using Shake 'n' Bake - have you ever tried it?  It's pretty tasty!  And he's making fried potatoes with onion and crumbled bacon on top, and corn.  Yum!  I'm enjoying the cooler weather, it's almost time to fire up our pellet stove!  I hope you are cozy and warm at your home.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)